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The Senate House at Birkbeck | © Steve Parker/Flickr
The Senate House at Birkbeck | © Steve Parker/Flickr
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London Hub Launches Certificate Programme At Christie's Education & Birkbeck University

Picture of Briony Lewis & Ellie Griffiths
Updated: 31 December 2016
The Senate House at Birkbeck | © Steve Parker/Flickr
For the 2015/16 academic year, The Culture Trip is teaming up with Birkbeck University and Christie’s Education to launch its newly developed Certificate Programme. Participants — students and graduates — will attend three training sessions with the London Hub over the course of an academic year and get a chance to publish their writing on the platform.
Birkbeck | University of London
Birkbeck | University of London

As an initiative of the London Hub, the writers will be part of a local community, as well as the larger global network which brings together hundreds of writers and creatives.

About the Certificate Programme

The three-course programme is accepting all students with a passion and interest in culture and is not exclusive to arts and humanities students. The students involved in this programme will have the exclusive opportunity to explore London’s cultural scenes, receive editorial feedback and get hands-on experience of collaborating with a dynamically growing start-up and a unique online media platform.

The Certificate Programme was first piloted at Tel Aviv University with great success. The Tel Aviv Hub now have an established partnership with Tel Aviv University and the esteemed research college IDC Herzliya. Following in the footsteps of Tel Aviv, the San Francisco Hub successfully partnered with San Francisco University this year, and their Certificate Programme will start this academic year.

One of our previous participants underlined what a unique opportunity this programme is: it provides an ‘insight into the professional world of media beyond what they tell you in school.’ With 17 Hubs worldwide, The Culture Trip hopes to expand the Certificate Programme to universities across the world, thus, pursuing our vision of being the platform for culture on a global level.

Christie's Education | London
Christie’s Education | London

About the Hosting Institutions

Birkbeck, part of the University of London, offers a huge variety of courses covering sciences, humanities, business and law for undergraduate and postgraduate study. Birkbeck also boasts well-respected academic research and produces a high calibre of graduates.

The prestigious Christie’s Education offers specialised programmes tailored towards a career in the art industry. From Art, Law and Business to Connoisseurship, Christie’s degree courses focus on the practical and the applicable, which complements the hands-on nature of our Certificate Programme.