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© The Vault Festival/We Are Full Fat
© The Vault Festival/We Are Full Fat
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London Goes Late Night With the Vault Festival

Picture of Cassam Looch
Film Editor
Updated: 19 January 2018
Party with pirates or share your love of all things European at an EU silent disco… whatever takes your fancy, there is something for everyone at the Vault Festival Late Night Party series in London.
Shotgun Carousel & Gypsy Disco | © We are Full Fat/The Vault Festival

Londoners are preparing themselves for eight consecutive weekends of non-stop partying with the LATES programme, which promises to fill the evenings with unique and unforgettable immersive theatre and food experiences.

From January 24 to March 18, the series will include events such as an anti-Valentine’s ball, Mardi Gras spectacular, Burlesque lock in and even an ‘I ♥ EU Silent Disco’. The specially curated parties will be held every Friday and Saturday night and there will be plenty of food to keep even the hungriest attendee happy.

Top chef duo PopCo will be serving a selection of easy going and delicious dishes including fiery Thai burritos, dubbed Thairitos, hearty 5 bean stew, the best mac ‘n’ cheese in town, and some good old home-made nachos.

PopCo | © The Vault Festival/We Are Full Fat

The first weekend will host the Trough London event, which will see the ‘homosocial’ community come together for a hedonistic night that will keep going long into the morning.

Next up, on February 2 and 3, is Neverland Lates, which promises a voyage of discovery into the world of the boy who never grew up. The Peter Pan-themed night with pirates, fairies and all the other famous characters from the books and films lining up at various banquets and lagoons across the venue. Expect sword and food fights aplenty…

Neverland Picks Hi Res-14
© S R Taylor Photography

The House of Burlesque: Lock In takes centre stage with the return of international showgirl Tempest Rose. There will be mini-tutorials for those looking to partake themselves, as well as bespoke cocktails and a secret speakeasy for the rest of us.

Valentine’s Day generally sucks unless you’re happily loved up and in a relationship. For the bitter ones out there, or even just the curious, the fantastically titled Bleeding Heart Ball on February 17 is set to be an unmissable refuge from all the lovers of the world. Shotgun Carousel and Gypsy Disco will deliver a wild and debaucherous anti-Valentine’s party complete with jaw-dropping circus acts, roaming illusionists, face and body painting and a life drawing salon.

Fat Tuesday sees Shotgun Carousel return with an ‘anything goes’ party where excess and dancing on tables is actively encouraged.

Things turn surreal in the Labyrinth with circus performances leading you into an immersive experience complete with goblins.

Try not to get too sad, or happy, depending on your point of view, at The Final Countdown: I ♥ EU Silent Disco. Get down to the best Europop anthems a year to the day before the UK officially withdraws from the continent. We suspect it will be a joyful event, tinged with a sense of sadness.

Last but not least, celebrate St Patrick’s Day on March 17 at the Underground Ruckus event. Think Peaky Blinders on a bad day and head back to 1919 in style. Gangsters, drinks and all the fun you’d expect from what is already one of the messiest nights of the year in London.

© The Vault Festival/We Are Full Fat

Full listings

Saturday January 27
Headline DJ set from Boris (OstGut Ton, Berghain, Berlin)
22:30 – 04:00

NeverLand Lates, presented by The Guild Of Misrule and Theatre Deli
Friday February 2 and Saturday February 3
22:30 – 03:00

House Of Burlesque: Lock In
Friday February 9 and Saturday February 10
Performances from Tempest Rose, Bettsie Bon Bon, Lolo Brown, Lily Bordeaux, Nikita smith and more
22:30 – 03:00

Shotgun Carousel and Gypsy Disco present The Bleeding Heart Ball
Saturday February 17
22:30 – 03:00

Shotgun Carousel present Fat Tuesday: Mardi Gras
Friday February 23 and Saturday February 24
22:30 – 03:00

Chivaree Circus present LABYRINTH
Friday March 2 and Saturday March 3
22:30 – 03:00

The Final Countdown: I ♥ EU Silent Disco
Saturday March 10
22:30 – 03:00

RUCKUS | Underground St Patrick’s Day
Saturday March 17
22:30 – 03:00