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Courtesy The Weiss Gallery
Courtesy The Weiss Gallery
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Get Lost in the Millennia of Art as London Art Week Winter Launches

Picture of Freire Barnes
Art & Design Editor
Updated: 30 November 2017
The non-profit art event, which launched in 2013, returns to London with a new week-long winter edition to indulge art novices and enthusiasts with the presentation of a plethora of masterpieces.

Over 30 galleries in the heart of London will be taking part in the inaugural London Art Week Winter to showcase art from across seven millennia.

Whether you’re an antiquities buff, an Old Masters aficionado or a lover of Chinese ink paintings, you’ll be able to dip in and out of all manner of exhibits and events throughout the week.

Stephen Onpin Fine Art
Courtesy Stephen Onpin Fine Art

From the Daniel Katz Gallery sculpture show, which traverses the Roman period up to Rodin, and an 18th-century view paintings show, The Magical light of Venice, at Italian Old Master specialists Lampronti Gallery, to acquainting yourself with Iznik pottery at Forge & Lynch or portrait miniatures at Weiss Gallery, visitors can discover the breadth of art history on show in Mayfair and St James’s.

Forge Lynch Iznik Plate copy
Courtesy of Forge & Lynch

As well as the multiple galleries taking part, a number of the most reputable auction houses are also participating in London Art Week Winter. Sotheby’s will host a late-night view (Friday, December 1, 6pm) ahead of their December Old Master auction, which includes works from the early Italian Renaissance and Dutch Golden Age. Throughout the evening a series of short talks from various experts, including gallerists Charles Beddington of Charles Beddington Ltd, Jorge Coll of Colnaghi and Dr Bendor Grosvenor, will elucidate on the art.

Agnews - Laserstein (2) copy
© Lotte Laserstein. Courtesy of Agnews

A select couple of galleries are also hosting special events during the week.

It’s been 30 years since Lotte Laserstein’s (1898–1993) first UK show at Agnews. To commemorate the gallery’s presentation of Laserstein’s female nudes and portraits, eminent expert on the artist, Dr Anna-Carola Krausse, will present a talk and tour of the exhibition, which will provide context of an artist who, like many female artists, has been kept out of the canon of art history.

Lotte Laserstein’s Women at Agnews. Monday, December 4, 5.30pm. £20 first come, first served basis.

Courtesy Kallos Gallery

Taking its name from the ancient Greek word for beauty, Kallos Gallery, as you might expect, specialises in antiquities, particularly ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian art. So it’s only fitting the gallery should hold a talk on the Ashmolean’s current exhibition, Imagining the Divine, which explores the history of religious iconography. Co-curator of the exhibition, the British Museum’s Dr Robert Bracey, will illuminate on how ideas and objects from the first millennium have shaped our understanding of the Divine.

Ashmolean Museum at Kallos Gallery. Tuesday, December 5, 6pm. £15 first come, first served basis.

London Art Week Winter takes place at various locations in London from November 30 to December 8, 2017.