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Little Nan's tropical Den © Little Nan's
Little Nan's tropical Den © Little Nan's
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Little Nan's, London: The Pop-Up Bar Keeping Kitsch Cool

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Updated: 28 October 2016
When you first enter Little Nan’s there’s a lot to take in. The pop-up bar bases its style on a collection of kitsch treasures belonging to owner Tristan J C Scutt’s nan. Wherever you cast your eye you’re hit with an explosion of colour and shelves of trinkets. Glowing portraits of east-London heroes such as ‘Queen’ Pat Butcher and Del Boy are all part of this popu-up bar’s identity, rooted in the city it travels around. There are cocktails aplenty, Caribbean food and a pick ‘n’ mix stand: the fuel is there to stoke many an evening of unbridled revelry. We caught up with Tristan to find out more about this charming bar.


What motivated the foundation of Little Nan’s? How much of an influence did your Grandfather have on its formation?

When my Little Nan passed I wanted to open up a bar using all her furniture and kitsch treasures, which continued to celebrate her beautiful life, whilst also enabling the guests to remember their own grandparents and have a party too!

Can you tell us more about Little Nan’s style and general vibe?

Each Little Nan’s pop up bars are a different style, but always celebrations of extreme kitsch, as my Nan was a huge fan of Kitsch styling, as am I! Little Nan’s Tropical Den in Peckham is Tropical vibes, but with a huge light up painting of Queen Pat Butcher by artist Matt Sargent. Little Nan’s 90s bar in Shoreditch (which is open till 29th April) is 90s vibes with shrines to the Spice Girls and Mark Owen from Take That. We are opening up Little Nan’s Rio Bar in Dalston below the Rio Cinema from the 12th May – 14th August, which will be 90s pop and film style with shrines to Gabrielle and Princess Diana!

Does Little Nan’s have a signature drink you would recommend to our readers?

Yes, the Little Nan Loves You cocktail which everyone receives for free on entry as a welcome drink!

Can you share any particularly interesting stories that have taken place in the bar?

Yes loads, but what goes on in Little Nan’s, Stays in Little Nan’s. We are really popular for dating, hen parties and birthday parties, so you can imagine the stories we have!

What are you reading or watching at the moment?

I’m watching Britain’s Got Talent, Eastenders and old Only Fools and Horses episodes at the mo’! Plus reading ‘World of Interiors’. My monthly subscription keeps me entertained.

What’s it like being on the move so regularly with the bar?

I love it! It means we get to meet new people and explore new parts of the world! My heart belongs in Deptford tho, which was the birthplace of Little Nan’s and where we hope to return one day!


Apart from Little Nan’s, where would you advise people to eat in South London?

The Golden Anchor between Nunhead & Peckham. A bit biased here as Little Nan’s Tropical Den is below them, but the traditional Jamaican food served up here is so good!!!! Everyone must try chef Marcia’s cooking. My Fav is the Jerk Pork with Curry Goat Gravy and Rice and Peas. Also the Hill Station Cafe in New Cross does the best Brunches in the whole of London!

What can we expect from Little Nan’s in the future?

We are popping up in Dalston from the 12th May below the Rio Cinema which I am really excited about! Don’t worry Little Nan’s Tropical Den is staying for the summer! We have teamed up with The National Trust Sutton House to host my Mum’s (Little Mum) award winning Afternoon Teas and Cocktails in the Tudor Tea Rooms and Courtyard. These start on the 8th May and will be running every Sunday during the Summer. A project in NYC is also on the cards!



Local Favorite 2016


Little Nan’s is one of the winners of The Culture Trip’s London Local Favorite 2016 Award. The Local Favorite badge is awarded to our favorite local towns, restaurants, artists, galleries, and everything in between. We are passionate about showcasing popular local talents on a global scale, so we have cultivated a carefully selected, but growing community.



By Henry Oliver