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10 Inspiring Coffee Shops In London's East End

10 Inspiring Coffee Shops In London's East End

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Updated: 27 October 2017
Whether it’s poetry, prose, lyrics, or a libretto, coffee shops are becoming spaces that cultivate creative writing. In the East of London, a synergy is developing between the arts and café culture. They cater to the writers’ every need: a calm ambience, good quality coffee, delicious cakes and sandwiches, well-worn sofas and, of course, wireless facilities. All that is left for a writer to do is sit back and let the words flow along the page. We check out the most relaxing, inspiring coffee shops in London’s East End.

Prufrock Coffee

Prufrock Coffee is located close by to the Barbican and its very name draws a connection to the T.S Eliot’s ‘The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock.’ With bright red beams and paintings for sale, it’s a space made for creativity. The beverages are works of art too, as coffees are served in brightly coloured cups and topped with milk foam fashioned into intricate leaves and hearts. With a reasonably priced flat white a writer can’t help but open their lap top and start that first chapter. It’s the place to be reflective – as Eliot himself says, ‘I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.’

Prufrock Coffee, 23 – 25 Leather Lane, London, UK

Full Stop

Full Stop is the destination to get a few chapters written, read a book and escape the bustling Brick Lane. Almost a speakeasy in design, a long corridor leads to a back room decorated with retro furniture that gives the place a all the comfort of a living room. Order a creamy latte and sit at a booth or an armchair, the low lighting and quiet atmosphere create perfect conditions to fire up the imagination. There’s a wide variety of soups, salads and sandwiches too. Stay a little longer and catch a show when the it transforms into a bar. There’s a romanticism in a coffee shop that names itself after punctuation mark.

Full Stop 202, Brick Lane, London, UK

Curious Yellow Kafé

Curious Yellow Kafé is a little bit of Sweden in the heart of Hoxton. Similar in name to the Swedish movie I am Curious (Yellow), this coffee shop couldn’t be more conducive to writing. Sit by the windows on soft padded seats and vintage cushions to watch the world go by and become inspired. There is culture everywhere, from books to trade and bargain priced vinyls. Start or finish that novel with a double espresso and a freshly baked cinnamon bun or Semla – a cream and marzipan bun.

Curious Yellow Kafé, 77 Pitfield Street, London, UK


Exterior Coffee Junction

Coffee Junction is the coffee shop in which to sit and churn out those chapters. Located on a junction on Provost street, there are large wooden tables to spread out your papers and begin a project. There are power outlets so lap tops will never die when a writer is mid-sentence. The coffee is full flavoured and the food titled with fun pop cultural references such as the ‘Hero Turtle’ (foccacia). With a homely environment and sofas to snuggle up in, it’s the place for planning ideas or reading a favourite novel.

Coffee Junction, 42 Provost Street, London, UK

Dirty Coffee

Dirty Coffee is passionate about fair trade and ethical ways of producing and importing coffee. The place has an air of revolution to it with ‘Coffee is our Art’ spray painted on the walls. The low lighting and shaby-chic décor inspires debate and discussion or take a seat with a robust blend of coffee and write a statement about the world. The eveings are host to numerous performances that would keep any writer motivated.

Dirty Coffee, 74 Great Eastern Street, London, UK

The Old Shoreditch Station

The Old Shoreditch Station sits right in the heart of Shoreditch. Be immersed in history – this railway station from the 19th-century is now a coffee shop filled with art and culture. Beneath the bizzare lighting fixtures filled with plants growing out of them, there are open laptops, perhaps documenting the diversity of the Shoredtich community from its large windows. This is a great place for a chai latte and to begin that literary masterpiece, or perhaps sit by the windows and just people watch.

The Old Shoreditch Station, 387 Old Street, London, UK

Slate Coffee

Slate Coffee is an intimate coffee shop where the numerous celing light blubs make it feel as if the stars hang overhead. The perfect place to write some inimate poetry while indulging in a fresh squeezed juice or sumptous cake, this venue boasts wooden stools and tables made of planks, creating a close knit community.

Slate Coffee, 96 Curtain Road, London, UK

The Common

The Common is a hybrid coffee shop and design studio establishment. A new addition to Old Bethnal Green Road, the charming venue is the place to be inspired by the form and structure of architecture, as building sketches and designs are pinned to the wall. The lattes are strong and served in generous sized cup. The toasted sandwiches are made fresh and generously buttered making them crispy and moreish. The ambience is peaceful and the baristas are friendly. It’s easy to forget about the world outside with a pen in hand and a cup of coffee with an earthy aroma. Perhaps sketch the front of cover of your next novel.

The Common, Old Bethnal Green Road, London,UK.