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Inking The City, One Instagram At A Time
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Inking The City, One Instagram At A Time

Picture of Rosie Safaty
Updated: 12 December 2015
There is no art more organic or current than the kind created on location under the impulse to capture the surrounding world. James Oses, artist and illustrator, uses mostly bright watercolours or dip pens with ink to ensure the immediacy and beauty of the city is translated onto his page. With a colourful and quirky style that matches London perfectly, the artist uses Instagram to showcase his works-in-progress, 10 of which we have chosen to share here.

Piccadilly Circus – James likes to incorporate people a lot, particularly if a picture is quite busy with architecture. He finds it shows scale, but also helps each scene to feel more natural.

People Sketches – Quickly sketching people is a good way to keep your hand in practice. The artist often finds himself doing this when having coffee, able to just sit by a window and draw.

American Car Wash Company, Great Eastern St – James sometimes enjoys using a sketchbook because it can give a different feel to a drawing. Here, a few coloured pens were used in order to reflect the time of day.

Phoenix Garden, Soho – A great hidden green space in central London.

Art Equipment – Some of the materials James likes to work with whilst out drawing. He prefers to use a small watercolour set which gives a good range of tones.

Southbank Undercroft – The artist loves drawing movement, whether it’s vehicles or people walking by. He uses coloured paper here to help keep the focus on the skaters.

Borough Market at Christmas – Normally the artist works on larger paper, but finds that bringing a sketchbook for quick drawings can capture moments like this nicely.

Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Ave – This is an area of London that the artist loves to work in, mainly for the architecture, which can be fun to draw in ink.

Screen On The Green, Islington – Whilst James enjoys drawing a lot of old cinemas and theatres, the neon signage of SOTG makes it a favourite of his.

Etsy – James makes prints of his work, which are available on Etsy. This piece is of Electric Avenue in Brixton, which he drew from the nearby train station platform.

If you want to see more scenes that James has captured both around London and on his travels, follow him on Instagram.

By Rosie Safaty