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Milk Train Cafe Opens in Covent Garden, London
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Milk Train Cafe Opens in Covent Garden, London

Picture of Morena Oliveira
Updated: 12 October 2017
Londoners have had their heads in the clouds all week thanks to Covent Garden based Milk Train Cafe’s ice cream on a cloud of candy floss.

A new dessert bar, which opened its doors two weeks ago in Covent Garden, is making everyone’s dream come true by serving soft serve ice cream on  a cloud of candy floss (or cotton candy for our US readers).

Inspired by Japanese soft serve ice-cream parlors, the ice cream currently comes in three flavors – vanilla, matcha and hojicha (roasted Japanese green tea) and aside from cotton candy, you can choose from toppings like popcorn, cookies and cream, and rice puffs. More flavours are planned,  with mango, salted caramel and chocolate hoping to join the existing menu in the coming weeks.

Ice Cream Candyfloss

Mike and Kylie, the owners of Milk Train Cafe, had been looking for a location to fulfill their cotton candy dream for a while until they came across this cozy cafe space on Bedford Street, just off the busy main roads of Covent Garden, Charing Cross and Soho. They love that they ended up in the heart of London, yet have found themselves in one of its quieter corners.

Having both worked in and managed restaurants before, Mike and Kylie owned a cotton candy machine and a soft service ice cream machine, and one day after a few experiments, and the pillowy, fluffy idea was born.

Mike’s favorite flavor is the hojicha, of which he has at least one scoop a day, and loves that the sweetness of the cotton candy perfectly complements the slight bitterness of the roasted Japanese green tea. The combination is very unusual and different from what we usually encounter in the dessert world, and might surprise traditional Western tastes.

Milk Train Cafe

Will it replace Brit’s much beloved ’99’ flake ice cream in the top spot? We can’t say for sure, but starting at £4.95 per cotton candy ice cream dream, we will definitely be back for more.

Milk Train Cafe