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Courtesy of the O2
Courtesy of the O2
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I Am The Greatest: Muhammad Ali

Picture of Paula Koller-Alonso
Updated: 11 March 2016
Muhammad Ali is one of the most recognisable names and figures in the world of sports. He was a three-time heavyweight champion of the world, and was baptised with the name ‘The Greatest.’ Apart from being a sports legend and breaking records, Muhammad Ali has inspired a generation of athletes with his inspiring story. The exhibition I Am The Greatest: Muhammad Ali at the O2 explores the story of Ali’s journey from his less fortunate beginnings in Kentucky, when he was still known as the Louisville Lip, to his rise to international recognition and fame. Finally, London will be able to learn the story that has been on display for so long at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville. Get ready to be inspired by the incredible life story of Muhammad Ali.

📅 Until 31 August 2016, Open daily from 10AM

📍 The O2, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX, +44 020 8463 2000

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