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Serena Williams | © Hugo Philpott
Serena Williams | © Hugo Philpott
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Hugo Philpott's Beautiful Work on Show at London's Hospital Club

Picture of Luke Bradshaw
Sports Editor
Updated: 6 June 2017
Showcasing the best of professional sport, photographer Hugo Philpott’s work is being presented at the exclusive Hospital Club in London’s Covent Garden, in the exhibition, Moments in Time.

Club artist Philpott has captured spectacular moments from the sporting world, including career-defining moments from the likes of Rafael Nadal, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods and Usain Bolt. Fittingly, with Wimbledon just weeks away, there is plenty of focus on tennis’ premier tournament, with photographs of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club’s pristine courts taking centre stage.

Philpott has been a photographer for over 20 years, covering a range of subject matter, including sporting events, such as Wimbledon and the Olympic Games, the Cannes Film Festival, and the Taliban during the Afghanistan Civil War. The Hospital Club describes the exhibition as ‘a journey through the most fertile period of sporting achievement of the last decade as he (Philpott) bears witness to the greatest of icons’.

Rafa Nadal
Rafa Nadal | © Hugo Philpott

When being interviewed for The Hospital Club’s own blog, Philpott said one of the things he loves most about his job is, ‘The ability to witness the greatest sporting specimens humanity has made, courageously battle with each other until the final conclusion. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pinch myself when I’m at an event in the best seat imaginable. I learn so much from these people and seeing their mental strength and determination is truly life affirming.

‘Also the camaraderie of other photographers; the industry has never been more cutthroat but you can still have a laugh with your fellow photographer. You congratulate someone when they take a fantastic photo and help out when someone misses the moment, which can happen frequently. Lastly, you want to take the photo that will live on for decades to come. This, more than anything, keeps you coming back for more, looking for that one shot!’

The Hospital Club, with a Los Angeles location set to open in 2018, is a private members club in the centre of England’s capital, Covent Garden. It offers those within the creative industries the perfect environment to collaborate. Previous exhibitions have included work from the likes of Martha Freud, Noah Da Costa and Dominic Beattie.