How To Dress Like A David Hockney Painting

David Hockney, ‘Portrait of an artist (Pool with two figures)’, 1972 | © David Hockney. Collection: Art Gallery of New South Wales. Photo Credit: Jenni Carter
David Hockney, ‘Portrait of an artist (Pool with two figures)’, 1972 | © David Hockney. Collection: Art Gallery of New South Wales. Photo Credit: Jenni Carter

As the David Hockney exhibition at Tate Britain becomes one of the fastest-selling shows of all time, Culture Trip rummages about in his extensive collection of works to bring you aesthetic highlights you should wear. Regardless of whether or not you’ve got tickets to the David Hockney show, at least you’ll be able to channel the artist’s style wherever you go.

‘American Collectors (Fred and Marcia Weisman)’, 1968

David Hockney, American Collectors (Fred and Marcia Weisman), 1968

David Hockney, ‘American Collectors (Fred and Marcia Weisman)’, 1968 | Sharon Mollerus / Flickr

Already 2017’s most coveted trend, if one needed an excuse to wear pink this year they need not look further than Marcia Weisman’s take on the colour in American Collectors (Fred and Marcia Weisman) by David Hockney. An expert in post-war American art, as well as a benefactor of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, the late Marcia Weisman was known for her active role in the American art world, and had a distinct eye which manifested itself in a collection that included works by Willem de Kooning, Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol, amongst many others. While some may not have the luxury of a perfectly minimalist garden to pose in, you can certainly make a start on emulating the look with the pieces below.PINK hockney

Luis Beccaria V-neck tie front velvet dress, £1,135


Hockney pink 2

Teija, V-neck smock cotton dress, £480

Hockney pink 3

Acne Siva cotton shirt-dress, £360

‘Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy’, 1970-71

Hockney, Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, T01269

David Hockney, ‘Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy’, 1970-71 | © David Hockney

Celia Birtwell offers the ultimate embodiment of 1960’s-70’s bohemia, here depicted with her then-husband and collaborator Ossie Clark and their cat Percy. Barefoot on a soft pile rug, viewers can almost see the wafting movements as she pads around their apartment. Embrace your own version of 1970s heaven with these loose-fitting pieces below, then wait patiently until it’s warm enough to throw open the windows.


Mrs Clark

Adam Lippes floral dress, £2,098


Mrs clark 3

Apiece Apart Las Casas embroidered silk dress, £480


Hockney 3


Carven ruffle detail dress, £390


Rockins paisley silk scarf,  £113

‘Ossie wearing a Fair Isle sweater’, 1970


David Hockney, ‘Ossie wearing a Fairisle Sweater’, 1970 | © David Hockney

In partnership with Celia Birtwell, fashion designer Ossie Clark created the sartorial shape of the 60s, with loose fitting, long dresses made of light materials – silk, chiffon and cotton – that cascaded down waif-like models. An old friend of Hockney’s, Clark regularly featured in his works. Here the designer is seen off-duty, rendered in coloured pencil and crayon, in an image that hints at Hockney’s consequent interest in portraiture.


Stella McCartney striped crew neck sweater, £615

Beyond retro

Beyond Retro multi colour jumper, £22


Kenzo knit


Vintage Kenzo fair isle knit, £265


Martine Rose high-rise, slim-leg jeans, £416

‘Portrait of an artist (Pool with two figures)’, 1972


David Hockney, ‘Portrait of an artist (Pool with two figures)’, 1972 | © David Hockney. Collection: Art Gallery of New South Wales. Photo Credit: Jenni Carter

One of Hockney’s most famous works, Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures) comes from the painter’s time spent in LA, where his aesthetic was heavily influenced by his surroundings and his muse, Peter Schlesinger. While this work plays with metaphor and space, Schlesinger’s marriage of blushed red and chalky mint ensures he commands attention in the frame – as will you if you choose to channel the look with the outfit below.

GUCCI Hockney

Gucci retro slim wool jacket, £1,370


Ralph Lauren cashmere jumper, £665



Prada mohair and virgin wool blend trousers, £745



Fratelli Rossetti loafers, £410

‘My Parents’, 1977


My Parents

David Hockney, ‘My Parents’, 1977 | Tate © David Hockney

Painted a year before the death of Hockney’s father, this work sees the painter honing in on detail to render his parents in a more faithful manner. The viewer can see the stillness of Hockney’s mother juxtaposed with the fluctuating state of his father – a lifted heel, his bent head, the promise of a turned page. Their clothes convey this too; Hockney’s mother’s blue dress, with its high neck and long sleeves tells of refinement and grace. Emulate this for yourself with one of the pieces below.


Ellery Sword bubble sleeved cotton maxi dress, £1,220



Balenciaga Ruffled tie neck midi dress, £995


Alexa Wagner Momo snakeskin backless loafers, £508