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How This Instagrammer Captured The Soul Of London
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How This Instagrammer Captured The Soul Of London

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Updated: 12 December 2015
Greg Burney’s beautifully structured images reflect his experience as a graphic designer, especially regarding his masterful use of symmetry and perspective. Here are our favourite examples of Greg’s work from his Instagram page; a series of photos that represent his mission to capture the vast amount of things to do, see and eat here in the city of London.

183 years old: the Duke of York column towers over London citizens at Pall Mall.

The Big Wheel and Big Ben, captured together in one quirky and creative shot.

A striking image of the giant horse’s head statue at Marble Arch.

A lone ice cream truck waits outside St Paul’s Cathedral.

A burst of colour – the Instagrammer himself at the Serpentine Galleries.

Running around London’s City Hall on the giant 500m spiral staircase.

Stumbling upon this ‘unbelievably London-y’ place, complete with traditional red phone boxes and black cab.

A particularly outrageous building at Notting Hill –The Churchill Arms.

Old meets modern – an impressive shot of the 5-tonne ‘steel clouds’ by Conrad Shawcross at the Royal Academy – ‘the only clouds in London that won’t rain.’

A dramatic name for a dramatic building: the Royal Courts of Justice.

If you like what you see, why not check out Greg’s website for more of his work, or follow him on Instagram.