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Birdies Crazy Gold Club | Courtesy of Underground Film Club
Birdies Crazy Gold Club | Courtesy of Underground Film Club
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Head Downstairs To The Underground Film Club

Picture of Angie Quinn
Updated: 10 April 2017
As the winter evenings are drawing in, The Rooftop Film Club has now abandoned outdoor screenings and taken its unique cinema experience into the depths of The Vaults at Waterloo Station. The concealed maze of tunnels are bursting with character, making it a fashionable inner-city space that’s perfect for hosting The Underground Film Club.
Birdies Crazy Gold Club
Birdies Crazy Gold Club | Courtesy of Underground Film Club

Mixing contemporary deco with historical architecture, the venue possesses quirky signage with neon lighting hung upon the Victorian brickwork and chalkboards offering ‘Tiger Would Tips’ — a humorous touch.

Along with tasty street food, there are three bars, including the Club House and the inventive Smokey Joe’s — the latter decorated with retro posters of such music legends as Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Chuck Berry. Cocktails are available for around £8 each, but they are freshly made and include a fair amount of alcohol. Be sure to look out for the fire-breathing barman!

Birdies Crazy Golf Club entertains everyone before the screening has even started with a nine-hole course. There are also dimly lit lounge areas where you can chill out pre-film.

The Underground Film Club
The Underground Film Club | Courtesy of The Under Ground Film Club

The cinema itself is a snug area lit with strings of light bulbs and comfortable sofas, perfect for lounging, at the front of the theatre. The seats are not the biggest and are not staggered enough, meaning you are basically sitting directly behind someone else. However, you listen to the film through ear phones which means any annoying sounds from people eating, rustling snack packaging, talking during the movie are blocked out — lovely!

Films screen five nights a week until December 20. They include popular classics, festive favourites, children’s choices, and movies with a London connection, including Spice World: Spice Girls The Movie and Amy.

The hidden venue provides an unconventional urban space transformed into a micro-entertainment complex, providing fun for an entire evening.

Underground Film Club at The Vaults, Leake St, London, UK