Best Coffee Shops In Bermondsey

Best Coffee Shops In Bermondsey
Our morning commute is hard enough without the desperate thought of a weak, tasteless, or too-hot cup of coffee. Thus, it’s essential to know the best places in Bermondsey to lighten up the weekday morning grind.
Cafe, Swedish$$$
Outside Fuckoffee

Outside Fuckoffee | Courtesy of Lamarr Golding

It’s hard to say anything about this place without mentioning the slightly forward name. The bold name matches the strong, free-spirit style of the coffee shop, which feels like the inside of someone’s mind has exploded into a social space filled with imagination and wonderful ideas. There are a variety of art galleries and shops surrounding the coffee shop, making it a great place to hang out and spend the afternoon going with the flow.

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Hej Coffee
Cafe, Swedish, $$$
Outside Hej Coffee

Outside Hej Coffee | Courtesy of Lamarr Golding

As the only Swedish coffee shop in Bermondsey, Hej is glorious in its own ways. The cafe pairs up with a florist, allowing for a wacky abundance of flower pots around the outside tables. Delightfully smooth coffee and home-made pastries are the perfect combination for a relaxing mid-morning break, and the cafe is an honourable member of Bermondsey Square, the gem of the borough. If you fancy something a little heavier, don’t hold back on the Viking Balls, a delicious portion of traditional meatballs wrapped in organic bread.

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Watch House
Cafe, British, $$$
The Watch House

The Watch House | Courtesy of Lamarr Golding

The cutest, cosiest coffee house in Bermondsey has to be The Watch House. The tiny building was erected in the 19th century to house guards watching over the churchyard and the artesian coffee shop has maintained nearly all of the beautiful authenticity of the little hut-like building. The Watch House maintains a special focus on anything organic, including their sugar, milk, coffee, snacks, and even loafs of bread stacked behind the counter.

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The Gentleman Baristas
Market, Pastries, British, Vegetarian, $$$

The Gentleman’s Baristas is hidden away down a narrow side street just off Borough Market, but the small oasis of quality coffee is well worth the hunt. The modestly authentic entrance opens up into a small series of lovely little rooms offering bite-size nibbles with your coffee. The bare brick walls create a warm atmosphere on a rainy day, and the smell from the fresh coffee beans makes it hard to leave the place. However, the loveliest touch in the entire coffee house has to be the use of a giant Starbucks mug to hold the toilet brush.

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Monmouth Coffee
Coffee Shop, Cafe, Coffee, Tea , Fast Food, Vegetarian, $$$
Inside Monmouth Coffee

Inside Monmouth Coffee | Courtesy of Lamarr Golding

The best coffee stop in Borough market is Monmouth coffee. The open-plan coffee shop is bustling with caffeine enthusiasts from the second their doors open to the moment they close. Authenticity is the grinding theme for the cafe and seats can be difficult to come by here. Alternatively, a takeaway is ideal for mingling around the array of stalls in the market.

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