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The Best Art Galleries In Bermondsey
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The Best Art Galleries In Bermondsey

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Updated: 23 October 2016
From commercial galleries of international acclaim to non-profit artist-run spaces, Bermondsey has become a cultural destination. Get your creative fix with our guide to Bermondsey‘s best art galleries.
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White Cube

The White Cube in Bermondsey is located inside a renovated 1970’s building with white, sharp edges that funnily enough resembles a white cube. The gallery is one of the biggest hotspots for contemporary work and alternative new work. It is worth popping in on a regular basis because there is such a huge range of different artists’ work, creating the biggest curiosity space in the city. Complete with a book shop, coffee shop across the street, and a ‘lifestyle shop’ next door, the White Cube is the perfect afternoon for art lovers.

White Cube, 144-152 Bermondsey Street, London, +44 20 7930 5373

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Drawing Room

This magnificent free-standing building in the heart of Bermondsey radiates creativity regardless of its rather plain features. The Drawing Room was opened to act as a European home for contemporary drawing, and when you walk through the front door, it’s like looking through the crazy eyes of an inspirational artist immersed in the world of doodle. The white walls within the gallery bounce light from one detailed drawing to another, making it easy to individually examine the fine works on display.

Drawing Room, Unit 8 Rich Estate, 46 Willow Walk, London, SE1 5SF, +44 20 7394 5657

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Coleman Project Space

Modestly sitting on Clements Road, the small burgundy shop near Southwark Park is Coleman Project Space, a gallery devoted to exhibiting never-before-seen work. The non-profit gallery was created in an old, women’s hairdressers, which instantly gives it an edgy origin. The unique space is another great opportunity to explore and discover new, cutting-edge ideas. As the artwork space is so small, it creates a more personal and unique experience for visitors, especially because there isn’t any elbow pushing or shoulder barging needed to experience the compelling curations.

Coleman Project Space, 94 Webster Road, London, SE16 4DF,+44 20 7237 9120

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The Scoop

London’s very own public amphitheatre just a hop-scotch away from Tower Bridge, The Scoop is a great place to observe some quality theatre run by small acting companies and charities. The amphitheatre holds 1,000 people and is a very unique, stylish feature in the heart of the city. The smooth and flamboyant curves are extraordinarily hard to notice from a distance because it blends in with the striking Town Hall in the background. Best of all, the exciting entertainment, glorious scenery and unique atmosphere is all for FREE.

The Scoop, More London Estates, 2a More London Riverside, London, UK, +44 20 7403 4866

Eames Fine Art Gallery

Head down Bermondsey Street to Eames Fine Art Gallery for a more specialised gallery experience. Focusing on the works of art on paper (from original etchings to lithographs and drawings) from collections from around the world – with the chance to see the works of Picasso, Norman Ackroyd, Robert Mosley and Anita Klein, it is worth checking out their monthly exhibitions. Created by qualified art historians who are also established masters of Modern and contemporary art, this gallery will have you in perfect hands for the upmost unique art exposure.

58 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UD, +44 (0) 207 407 1025