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Grab A Steal At These 4 West London Car Boot Sales
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Grab A Steal At These 4 West London Car Boot Sales

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Updated: 20 December 2016
London can be one of the world’s most expensive cities. While it’s possible to make do with Ikea and one-pound stores, it’s also good to spoil yourself sometimes with something fancy. West London has treasure troves where classy and elegant items can be gotten for a bargain. Make sure you sharpen your haggling skills before you hit these places!

Chiswick Car Boot Sale

The Chiswick Car Boot Sale is one of the most popular haunts for local residents and takes place on the first Sunday of every month (except January) from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. It is a perfect place to find a way to add some spark to a house or redesign a room. Anything from collectible 1970s paintings to hang on the wall, cloth rolls to sew up a tablecloth or a classic G Plan table can be had. The Chiswick School Parent Teacher Association, a registered charity, runs the sale. The entrance fees (£1 PP) collected from the sale go towards the school.

Chiswick School, Burlington Lane, London W4 3UN, United Kingdom

Hounslow West Car Boot Sale

The Hounslow West Car Boot Sale is the place to go when looking for day-to-day things—such as clothes, kitchen utensils, and furniture—rather than vintage items, though you might find a classic piece of furniture if you search hard enough. Also a must see: the greengrocers and butchers. The sale takes place every Sunday from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM and entrance is free!

Hounslow West Station Car Park, Bath Road, London TW3 3DH, United Kingdom

Wimbledon Car Boot Sale

If you are a retail therapy addict, and your knees go weak each time you hear the word “sale,” the Wimbledon Car Boot Sale is your destination. Why? Because it takes place from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays! There is a mad rush for the booty sold here, and early birds pay a premium entrance fee of £2 PP to get their hands on the more-valuable catch. All later attendees pay just £0.50 PP. There is no limit to what you can find here: vintage crockery, good quality clothes and, if luck has it, you may even strike gold—literally!

Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium, Plough Lane, Morden, London SW17 0BL, United Kingdom

Queensmead School Car Boot Sale

The Queensmead School Boot Sale is run by Calvers Fairs, who have been running fairs in London since 1989. The Queensmead Sale is one of their most popular fairs, and it runs every Sunday in the summer (April – October) from 7:30 AM to 1:00 PM. It’s more of a fair than a sale, with a huge outdoor setup. Even if you don’t have any shopping on your agenda, grab a burger, do some window shopping and get the vibe of the place. Buyers entering at 7:30 AM pay £2 PP, and those entering after 8:00 AM pay £1 PP.

Queensmead Car Boot Sale, Ruislip, Greater London HA4 0HB, United Kingdom