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8. Raw Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cheesecake| Courtesy of Vantra
8. Raw Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cheesecake| Courtesy of Vantra
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The Top Eco-Friendly Restaurants In London

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Updated: 9 February 2017
As London has a huge range of restaurants which is being added to by a growing eco-friendly movement. Their way of doing business, either through sourcing their food locally or only buying from sustainable sources, is starting to have a real impact. The Culture Trip discovers the top eco-friendly restaurants in London.

The Clerkenwell Kitchen

This lovely restaurant not only boasts mouth-watering food but has gone green in almost all aspects of its business. Committed not only to fair trade but recycling too, The Clerkenwell Kitchen uses biodegradable packaging and recycles most of its waste. Furthermore, it sources all of its food, most of which is both organic and free-range, from local businesses and suppliers, many of whom only live a short way outside London. As an environmental restaurant, it is well worth a visit.

27-21 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R 0AT

Golden Dawn Cocktail © Adrian Scottow |Flickr
Golden Dawn Cocktail © Adrian Scottow | Flickr

Duke Of Cambridge

The Duke of Cambridge is unusual in being Britain’s only certified organic pub. Situated in Islington, the pub not only sources all of its organic produce locally from the Riverford Farm but its dedication to the environment has seen it go so far as to use its food waste to create electricity via an anaerobic digestor and stock its pub with only second-hand furniture. The bread and pickles are all homemade and the meat is all sourced from Kent and East Anglia. Its strong links to the community have been noted. It frequently fund raises for everything from sending a cow to Uganda to supporting the homeless. If that isn’t enough, it has also won a huge slew of awards, ranging from the quality of its food to being shortlisted for the Best Ethical Restaurant in 2014.

30 St. Peter’s Street, London N1 8JT

Duke of Cambridge | ©Ewan Munro/Flickr
Duke of Cambridge | ©Ewan Munro/Flickr


Even the chilli in this restaurant is grown in Devon. Set up by Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers, it has gone from strength to strength, not only pioneering sustainability but becoming the first restaurant group in the UK to be classified as carbon neutral. Blending the exotic spices and flavours of authentic Mexican cuisine with environmental sustainability, it overhauls its older buildings to make them even more energy efficient whilst working with the Marine Stewardship Council to promote sustainable fishing. This restaurant is an authentic and exciting place to eat that is constantly challenging itself to set new environmental goals and become a pioneer in its field, whilst still serving excellent food.

A branch of Wahaca | © Ewan Munro/Flickr
A branch of Wahaca | © Ewan Munro/Flickr

Feng Sushi

Serving a huge range of lovingly-made sushi, this family-owned Japanese restaurant group offers something a little different to the London crowd. Everything here screams sustainability from the bamboo chopsticks to the carefully selected fish, they refuse to use any whose stocks are currently low. Despite being a Japanese restaurant, they work with farmers in the UK to produce traditional ingredients like edamame beans. So, sit here and enjoy the blend of cultures during your meal, knowing that this restaurant is as green as it gets.

Sushi © Paul Miller|Flickr
Sushi © Paul Miller | © Paul Miller/ Flickr

The Three Stags

Combining wacky with eco-friendly, this gastropub has been rated a Three Star Sustainability Champion for the third year running. Featuring its own on-site pizza oven as well as offering a range of traditional British pub food and ales, The Three Stags supports a range of associations from the WWF to sustainable fishing with Fish Fight, and has gone so far as to install a beehive on the roof to get their own, very fresh and very local, supply of honey. It recycles all its waste and actively raises awareness of issues such as deforestation, sustainability and animal rescue shelters. Add to that a large menu complete with a British-sourced cheese board and there are all the makings of an excellent place to spend a few hours in for dinner.

67-69 Kennington Road, London SE1 7PZ

Three Stags © Adam Bruderer |Flickr
Three Stags © Adam Bruderer | Flickr


Catering almost exclusively to vegans, the delicious food, including a frankly staggering range of vegetables, at Vantra is not to be missed. This restaurant aims at reducing their impact upon the planet and using the most sustainable ingredients to produce a healthy ‘optimum diet’. Vantra’s dedication to the Earth is at the centre of everything they do, from their cooking to the way in which they source their food, shunning the meat industry altogether and encouraging people to eat sustainably. Everything in Vantra has been recycled, even the furniture, most of which is made out of reclaimed wood and coffee bean sacks – and they have cut out cleaning products altogether, preferring to use low-energy, low-waste methods of cooking. Eat here and feel green.

25-27 Oxford Street, London W1D 2DW

8. Raw Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cheesecake| Courtesy of Vantra
8. Raw Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cheesecake | Courtesy of Vantra

The Gate

Serving everything you want, and more, from a vegetarian restaurant, The Gate’s dedication to food is matched only by its dedication to the environment. Established in 1989 by two brothers, Adrian and Michael Daniel, this restaurant has a huge social conscience, raising awareness and developing a menu for people affected by autism as well as working with local schools for charity and supporting local businesses. With a self-stated aim of sourcing as much of its food locally as possible and offering Fairtrade and organic products to the customers, The Gate even has a blog where it discusses everything from hummus to how to forage for food. Not only that, but a variety of endorsements from blogs and newspapers make this restaurant one to watch.

The Gate Restaurant | Courtesy of The Gate
The Gate Restaurant | Courtesy of The Gate