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Courtesy of Hunza G
Courtesy of Hunza G
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Get to Know the 80s-Inspired Swimwear Brand Everyone's Talking About

Picture of India Doyle
Updated: 8 June 2017
Summer is coming and finding the right swimwear for your size, style preferences and holiday vibes is an urgent priority. Thankfully there’s one swimwear brand that caters for everyone: Hunza G. Originally an 80s sensation, Hunza was a swimwear brand that made their name using a specific type of stretch material which flattered a myriad of shapes and sizes. Sported by the likes of Julia Roberts in Pretty Women, it quickly became a sensation, then faded from the limelight in the late 90s.

Fast forward to the tween years of the 2000’s and Georgiana Huddart decided to revive the brand, relaunching it under her own creative direction as Hunza G. Based in London, Huddart has ensured that Hunza G swimwear is now the ultimate holiday staple for the fashionable traveller. There’s also a line of dresses and tops too, all made in London to preserve the brand’s very British roots (for the latest Pandora Sykes x Hunza G collection campaign, they looked to the beaches of Essex – a love letter to staycations if ever we saw one). Ahead of beach season – at home or abroad – went Behind the Seams with Georgiana to talk millennial marketing, holiday destinations and the allure of the 80s.

Culture Trip: The brand has been around since the 1980s, what made you want to get involved 30 years on?

Georgiana Huddart: Well we have actually relaunched it as a new brand. I loved Hunza when I was younger, then I tried to start it on my own because it had disappeared. I tried for a few years but the fabric is so hard to get right. Luckily someone put me in touch with Peter [Peter Meadows, founder of the original Hunza) and we re-launched as Hunza G almost immediately.

CT: What has been your favourite thing about working on the label?

GH: The designs. Everything I design is something I would want to wear. It’s amazing to be able to just wake up with an idea and actually put it into practice.

Courtesy of Hunza G
Courtesy of Hunza G | © Hunza G

CT: What are the challenges of making a brand speak to modern audiences? What did you identify in Hunza that could speak to the ‘millennial’ generation?

GH: I suppose there are just a lot of really amazing brands out there at the moment, which means a lot of competition. Hunza G uses a unique fabric – the one-size-fits-all tubing is incredibly flattering on all sorts of body shapes. It doesn’t have to compete or prove itself as much as other brands do because the fabric speaks for itself. People go on holiday and to festivals so much more than they used to. Hunza G is perfect for both.

CT: Who and what do you look to for design inspiration?

GH: I tend to quite like a sporty aesthetic. I love all the 90s super models and their athletic bodies. I am not very good at fussy clothing, so anything I think can make someone feel and look great in, whilst remaining relatively simple and un-precious, is what I tend to buy and design.

CT: What other 80s styles would you love to make a comeback?

GH: People have such a love/hate relationship with 80s style. I think it’s about finding something nostalgic that can also be adapted to make it more relevant to current trends and styles without losing its 80s essence. In the latest collection we did had a lot of bows, as we were very much inspired by the 80s trend for them. I love the Saint Laurent collections at the moment which are very, very 80s. 80s done well is the best!

© Hunza G

CT: How did the collaboration with Pandora Sykes come about?

GH: We are old friends and were having a cup of tea and she just said ‘wouldn’t it be great if you did a piece like this’ and instantly we looked at each other and that’s when it happened. It was such a dream to work with one of my best friends, designing together. The whole experience was so exciting.

CT: How would you describe the Hunza G girl in a few words?

GH: Playful, fun and doesn’t take herself to seriously.

CT: Culture Trip readers love to travel, if you were going to take us on a trip – where we would go (stay, eat etc.) and what Hunza G pieces would we wear?

GH: Tuscany – I love Europe. You would take the Grace Dress in red to wear during the day, and sometimes night. Wear the Cindy Dress in black for the evening, and the Classic Swim in navy and white stripes for lounging by the pool.