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Georgia Green, The Next Face Of British Baking
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Georgia Green, The Next Face Of British Baking

Picture of Kath Middleton
Updated: 24 November 2016
Baking is cool again. The re-popularisation of home baking by Great British Bake Off means it has never been trendier to don an apron. The age group of 25 to 34-year-olds are the most likely to bake at home, but with Lorraine Pascale (42), Paul Hollywood (48), Nigella Lawson (54) and Mary Berry (79) as the current frontrunners in British celebrity baking, Britain needs a new young face of baking. Our vote is with 23-year-old Georgia Green.
georgia green cupcakes the culture trip
Custom Culture Trip vanilla cupcakes | © Kath Middleton

Multi-talented Georgia took an unusual route to patisserie, after leaving secondary school. She studied architecture, art and animation, but none of these interests translated into a dream vocation. It was at an open day at the Cordon Bleu in London that Georgia realised baking was the profession for her. She had always taken an interest in cooking literature and television, but until then had received no formal training. With her family’s encouragement, Georgia enrolled on the London Cordon Bleu patisserie course in September 2012.

Fast-forward just two years and Georgia has thrown herself into her craft. During the day she chefs at celeb haunt The Black Truffle Deli near her home in Belsize Park, and during her lunch hour and every other spare minute she makes custom occasion cakes under her own business brand, Georgia’s Cakes. Discussing her path to baking and her aspirations for the future, she is friendly and warm as she prepares custom Culture Trip cupcakes in her home.

georgia green cupcakes
Georgia Icing | © Kath Middleton

Asked to nominate her favourite Georgia’s Cakes commissions to date, her stories demonstrate the variety that must make this job so fascinating. Her job has led to her baking a custom jacket cake for Cara Delevingne’s DKNY launch. A photo shows the careful detail Georgia took to include quilting effects, seams and even an intricate embroidered-effect lion on the ‘jacket’s’ back. She talks just as enthusiastically of a dairy-free chocolate-lovers’ dream cake (three layers, a cascade of chocolate macaroons and chocolate work), as well as a buttercream-plastered wedding cake that she adorned with edible flowers on a rooftop overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral. She mentions how pleased she was with a ‘minion’ cake she produced just last week – surprising herself with it’s success. The dichotomy between her obvious talent and her bashful modesty is genuine and endearing.

Thinking to the future, Georgia is keeping her options open but her ultimate dream would be to have her own television show. Luckily, this isn’t merely a ‘piping’ dream: a recent joint venture with VeryFirstTo, a company that promises customers unique luxurious experiences and products, brought her to the attention of worldwide media. The project, a £50,000 gingerbread house incorporating 150 pearls and a 5-carat ruby, was never actually commissioned, but the novelty piqued the interest of journalists and TV production companies, who have acknowledged a gap in the celebrity chef market for a young star.

georgia green cupcakes the culture trip
Georgia has a supportive family | © Kath Middleton

For now, Georgia is looking forward to a relaxing holiday period with her large family. As she ices the cupcakes, her youngest brother, just 11, shoots paper planes across the living room and her mother curls up in front of the fire. After the cakes are finished, glittered and packed for transit, Georgia exclaims in joy that her mum has made brownies. A professional still eager for her mum’s bakes, it is clear that Georgia is a prodigy with her feet firmly on the ground and a great support network around her.

The cupcakes themselves are delicious, with generous buttercream icing, light sponge and a beautiful finish. With an expert touch at such a young age, this baker could go far. So whilst for now Georgia’s sights are set on some quality family time over Christmas, as for the New Year, watch this space. The sky really is the limit.