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Frieze London: The Future Favours The Bold
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Frieze London: The Future Favours The Bold

Picture of Danielle Wood
Updated: 12 December 2015
As the renowned Frieze Art Fair hits London this week the big players in the field of contemporary art come out to play. As younger artists fight for space to deliver their work, it is crucial to introduce them to the set of Frieze. Amidst the leading contemporary art exhibitions to be featured during the celebrated art fair we take a look at a few of the highlights thus far.

Samara Scott

Samara Scott likens her art work to ‘putting eye-liner on in a festival portaloo.’ Scott’s grungy commissioned work Lonely Planet II has become the talk of Frieze; her obscure piece corrupts everyday consumer items into mixtures. Scott’s Frieze piece is a large pool filled with water and a combination of Lenor fabric softener, wax, food, cooking oil and anything else that triggers her artistic mind. For her work, Scott takes time to test concoctions in her Brixton studio but despite these trials she never knows what will come from her works after being left to fester. Lonely Planet II is on display at The Sunday Painter Gallery.

Ken Kagami

‘If they’re game, we’re game’, such is the ambitious nature of Ken Kagami‘s works at this year’s Frieze. Kagami’s art has an out of the box approach with the artist taking less than 30 seconds to ask your name, look at your face, draw your comedy genitals with a marker pen, then ding a bell for the next subject. This comedic piece is absolutely free but if you wish to dig deep in your pockets, you can receive an entire performance from Kagami for the very generous price of £6,500. Ken Kagami can be visited at Misako & Rosen stand in Regent’s Park.


AYR showcases a large-scale interactive installation; the installation will beg the question of the ‘Smart Home’, with a curation combined of advanced interior design and technology companies. In our technology-crazed world, we look to the Smart Home to give us optimal advances yet it also raises the issue of privacy and control. Georgina Graham was asked to develop a series of well being treatments for AYR’s Frieze installations: Comfort Zone and Well Being. Comfort Zone explores the contemporary working environment whereas Well Being addresses the subjectivity of personal health and valuation of beauty. Both performances will be shown throughout the week of Frieze London.

Stuart Shave / Modern Art

An international jury of curators and directors awarded the Stand Prize 2015 to Stuart Shave / Modern Art for its two-artist presentation of Mark Flood and Yngve Holen.; the award was given in praise of the ‘intellectual and formal’ dialogue created between the two artists. The £10,000 Stand Prize recognises outstanding presentations throughout the 164 galleries of Frieze. The acclaimed jury made special comment to the vast international representation this year with galleries having travelled from as far as South Asia and Latin America.

The ambitious nature of the highlighted exhibitions suggest that the days of stuffy, bourgeois art gatherings are long gone and present gallerists and artists are proudly moving with the times. By allowing artists to produce and display their works, a network of artists bring forth the dawn of a new artistic time.

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By Danielle Wood

Danielle is the art editor for the London hub of The Culture Trip. She has a fascination with living a life full of creativity. Theatrical soul. Cinematic admirer. Champion frolicker. Avid foodie. Sunset enthusiast.