Forgotten London: How This Photographer Captured London

Tower Bridge Reflection | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford
Tower Bridge Reflection | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford
Photo of Ellie Griffiths
10 April 2017

It’s hard to ever imagine London as anything other than a fast-paced city. However, Californian Instagrammer Jesse Stafford has done just that. Having only been in London for 3 years, and a photographer for 2, he is quickly becoming one of our favourites. With very few images that capture the busyness, he finds the most incredible and hidden places that will make you question the hustle and bustle that is London.

Baker Street | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

I love the shadows that are created in this station due to the design. What struck me about this shot was the expanse between the two men.

Big Ben Cloud Whoosh | Courtesy of Jess Stafford

A Summer sunset to remember from this past August.

Brick Lane | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

The creativity you see when you walk around Shoreditch is very inspiring to me.

Canary Wharf Rush | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

Six-tenths of a second is all you need to show the controlled chaos that is Canary Wharf.

Canary Wharf Underground | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

By far my favourite station to photograph. So many great lines. You have to be quick though. I was questioned immediately after I took this shot about what I was doing. Luckily my smooth American accent did the trick.

Tower Bridge Reflection | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

It’s hard to find a new perspective of this icon but low tide provided this opportunity.

Leadenhall Building | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

One of the great things about London for photographers is the varying angles of the Sun. There are always new shadows to find.

Millennium Low Down | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

One of the great things about taking photographs early in the morning is that nobody is around when you lay flat on the ground to get a shot like this.

Monument Whoosh | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

The best light trails are the ones where they turn the roads into works of art.

National Gallery | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

Such a magnificent building inside and out. Sometimes I wish it was this empty inside as well.

Naval Night Time | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

If you have not spent hours walking around and in these gorgeous structures you are doing yourself a disservice.

New Morning At More London | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

One of the most frequently photographed locations in London. If you want to get this shot without the pesky people getting in the way, get here early.

Royal Court Stride | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

Justice is always watching even when you do not know it.

Serpentine Swans | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

Sunrise on the Serpentine in Hyde Park is such a beautiful thing.

Soho No Entry | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

Remnants of the night before strewn along the side of the street.

City Reflection | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

Another low tide gem. You have to love this skyline.

Under Waterloo | Courtesy of Jesse Stafford

The morning commute sometimes feels like an assembly line.

Words by Jesse Stafford

To see more photographs by Jesse, check out his Instagram or Facebook page.

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