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Great Reasons Not To Miss London's Japanese Supper Club
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Great Reasons Not To Miss London's Japanese Supper Club

Picture of Jessie Lim
Updated: 24 November 2016
Monograph London is a supper club in Islington. Supper clubs are not-quite-restaurants-nor-dinner-parties, where strangers come together for an evening of good food and company, all paid for beforehand. Monograph introduces contemporary Japanese food, giving a new edge to the Japanese food regularly featured in London’s culinary landscape. Here are some great reasons why you shouldn’t miss this Japanese Supper Club.

The food is excellent

The main thing to look out for when hunting for a good brunch/tea/dinner location is the quality of the food served. Monograph does contemporary Japanese food well, designing their menus to prefection.

We were greeted upon arrival with a small dish of radish in dashi stock to prepare our palates for the evening, and it was an evening of umami-ness. Even after eating five courses, we left the Supper Club feeling all light and floaty, and that was not because of the alcohol.

The food served consisted of the freshest ingredients, and you can taste the delicate flavours harmonising in the mouth. Nothing was overly salty, sweet or heavy as many Japanese food places in London tend to be; Monograph impresses with its food.

The ambience is welcoming

Our location for the evening (the location of the Supper Club is kept a secret till payment is made on their website, and it could change) was warmly lit with hanging lamps, and Japanese inspired tableware was neatly laid out on the long wooden tables. The service was impeccable, with someone coming up to greet us at the door to check our names off the guest list and show us to our assigned seats. Everyone was busy getting to know everyone else, and it was a quiet bustle that you could relax into at the end of a long day.

One of a Kind

It’s a whole new experience different from your usual go-to bars and restaurants.

Supper clubs are hybrids of restaurants and dinner parties. They are hosted in locations kept secret, sometimes even in the hosts’ own homes. Ours was in a quaint Japanese restaurant closed for the evening. It is quite a private affair, though you are seated with strangers and have to interact with them through the evening. At the end of the Supper Club session, you’ll have made some new connections, had lots of fun, and eaten delicious food.

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