5 Fitness Studios That Are Getting Us Into Shape Virtually

Tap into the many resources for working out at home
Tap into the many resources for working out at home | © SeventyFour Images / Alamy Stock Photo
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Global Travel Writer7 April 2020

As with all non-essential businesses in the UK, fitness studios have shut up shop for the time being. But personal trainers and PE teachers around the world see this as no excuse, urging you to grab a tin of beans or a book as a weight or prop. Helping us reach our goals and gains remotely, numerous London-based studios are taking to Instagram to live-stream workouts and offer advice. Here are five brilliant accounts to follow now.


You’ll usually find spinning studio Psycle in central, east and west London locations, but for now it’s in the palm of your hand via Instagram TV. Four workouts make up Psycle’s schedule: ballet-inspired barre, spinning, strength training and yoga. At the moment, spinning is clearly out of the equation for most people, as it requires a static bike, but the other three classes are carrying on as usual throughout the day – running for either 30 or 45 minutes. And don’t worry if you miss the streaming, the studio saves all of its videos.

Spinning is off the cards for the time being at Psycle | | © Zoonar GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Barry’s Bootcamp

Known as Barry’s among the ripped fans, this cult workout is notoriously gruelling. A full-body cardio-centric blitz, exercises including squats, lunges and burpees are mainstays in this style of training. Encouraging its community to #barryon and #staythehellhome, the studio is streaming numerous 30-minute long workouts via Instagram live, which like with Psycle will continue to live on its page. Plus, if you’re up for a challenge, you can put yourself through your paces during its “hell week”, completing a class a day for seven consecutive days.

Expect a full-body blitz at Barry’s | | © Zoonar GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo


East London-based Blok has all training bases covered, and it’s doing its best to keep us moving during lockdown with workouts that don’t require studio equipment. Posting a schedule of favourite classes – including BLOKsculpt, which involves doing as many rounds as possible of various exercises, along with classic pilates sessions – the studio brings daily routines to Instagram, soundtracked by a playlist created in collaboration with Beats by Dre.

Blok is keeping us trim from afar, to a soundtrack of the hottest tunes | | © Photology1971 / Alamy Stock Photo


Yoga studio Fly LDN is on a mission to bring zen and relaxation to our long days indoors – as well as some welcome movement. This studio is all about sculpting and toning the body with practices such as yoga, barre and pilates. Don’t be fooled by names such as “low-impact” or “slow flow” though – there may be no jumping about and a heavy focus on alignment but these classes will still bring the burn and provide full-body conditioning. The schedule is posted to its Instagram account at the beginning of the week before the sessions are streamed live. Unlike at Barry’s and Psycle, they’re not saved to the account, so your best bet is to jump on them in real time; during the week they will fit around your working day with sessions in the morning, at lunch and after work.

Meditation is a great daily habit to get into, alongside some mindful movement | | © Cultura RM / Alamy Stock Photo

Grow Fitness

While not live-streaming on Instagram TV, Grow Fitness is uploading daily workout routines to its feed with demonstrations of all the exercises at your disposal. Each day serves up a different workout with a range of traditional full-body moves like mountain climbers, push-ups and, of course, those dreaded burpees. If you want to take a proper screen break, write the routine out on a bit of paper and get out to your garden or balcony for 30 minutes of air and exercise.

Abdominal exercises regularly feature in Grow Fitness routines | | © Maridav / Alamy Stock Photo

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