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Seek & Ye Shall Find | Courtesy of Search Party
Seek & Ye Shall Find | Courtesy of Search Party
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Find Your Way To London’s Secret Search Party

Picture of Johanna Gill
Updated: 17 March 2016
Hidden deep in London’s parkscape, a secret party awaits you, offering afternoon tea, swing dancing, music and an array of surprises. It’s part of the Mayor of London’s new Find Your London Festival and there are 4000 free tickets. However there’s a catch: the party location is undisclosed! Four trails of clues will lead and mislead you through London’s pocket parks, secret gardens, hidden squares and side streets. By collaborating, taking risks, and talking to strangers, you will receive clues that yield parts of the address. Whether it’s a message in a bottle, an actor disguised as a gardener or an unmarked taxi parked nearby, you will be surprised at how the clues reveal themselves! Make your way through two miles of London’s open spaces; you’ve got two hours to find your way and we all know a good party is worth searching for!

📅 Sunday 20 March 2016, 12PM – 4PM

📍 Register online to receive your starting location

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