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Courtesy of Julian Charles
Courtesy of Julian Charles
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Find Out Why This Travel-Inspired Interiors Trend Will Be Big In 2017

Picture of Charlotte Luxford
Home & Design Editor
Updated: 12 April 2017
The ‘Intrepid Explorer’ trend will be huge for 2017, bring a feeling of exoticism and escapism to our chaotic urban lifestyles. But there’s also a deeper theme running throughout the trend, too – handcrafted, ethical and sustainable products. Find out more about the trend and how to get the look in your home.

As people are becoming more eco-conscious, opting for a greener, sustainable and more organic lifestyle, this has definitely been on the minds of designers, who are coming up with more ethical ways of creating their products. This in turn has led to the use of more natural materials and artisan craftsmanship in 2017’s Spring/Summer interior decor ranges, including rattan, salvaged wood and recycled plastics, glass and fabrics.

Marks & Spencer S/S 2017
Marks & Spencer S/S 2017 | Courtesy of Marks & Spencer

There’s a contemporary twist to this look, as the demand increases for a sense of adventure and escapism in a chaotic, urban landscape. It also fits in with millennials’ increasingly nomadic lifestyle – it’s a relaxed, eclectic look that’s adaptable without a strict, coherent theme, meaning it can be added to and edited over time. With a sense of nostalgia still strong going through into next year, it’s an interior scheme that encourages us to display our treasured collections of photos and objects from our travels.

Warm ochre tones and an earthy palette mixed with geometric patterns are found in many of the textiles for SS 2017 – think Ikat prints, tribal patterns and Berber rugs – which will add texture and interest to your overall scheme.

To get the look at home, shop the trend with our key buys below:


1. Zebra vase, £50, Mia Fleur; 2. Copan Throw, £50, House of Fraser*; 3. Sirata Red cushion, £48, Serengeti Collection at Art of the Loom; 4. Globe with compass, £85, Batela; 5. Toucan ornament, £35, House of Fraser*; 6. Albany trunk-style chest, £330, Alexander & Pearl; 7. Palmeral wallpaper, £165, House of Hackney; 8. Jabari dinner candle holder, £29.50, Marks & Spencer*; 9. Egyptian red matt emulsion, £22,50 for 2.5L, Milan’s Paints; 10. Lalla rug, £329, Swoon Editions; 11. Koba rattan chair, £295, Habitat*

* Item not yet in stock.