Fashion Designer Bora Aksu's Insider Guide To London

Bora Aksu photographed for Bora Aksu 20.07.2011 in London.
Bora Aksu has a lisence to use this picture for Press and Publicity WORLDWIDE.
Bora Aksu photographed for Bora Aksu 20.07.2011 in London. Bora Aksu has a lisence to use this picture for Press and Publicity WORLDWIDE.
Turkish born, now London based, designer Bora Aksu had the city buzzing with his most recent London Fashion Week show. Here the designer brings readers his secret London tips.

How does London inform your work?

London has such cultural richness and diversity, it’s a treasure pot. I love going through the old bookshops on Charing Cross Road and discovering all the local car boot sales. I love the things happening in East, which still has an effortless vibe. It’s funny though once you’ve broken the shell box of your comfort zone; then the being at home feeling actually changes a lot. It’s almost like the borders around yourself expands in such a way that you never can go back to have that “cosy/being at home” feeling in the true sense. I guess it’s good in a creative sense.

London Fashion Week and London fashion itself is known for its new and exciting talents. The Fashion colleges played an important part in this process. I actually started my career straight after my graduation show from the Central Saint Martins MA. That was a combination of Press support and sponsorships. After my first off –schedule show I won the NEWGEN award from the British fashion Council four times, and I am truly thankful for their support. The BFC has been a great support and has helped me to be securely rooted in fashion industry.

Discover Bora Aksu’s favourite spots in London:

The Whitechapel Gallery

This is actually my favourite art gallery. My first studio was on Brick Lane and the Whitechapel Gallery was only a five minute walk from my studio. It was my secret hiding place. You never know what type of exhibition you will come across but it’s always very non mainstream and very inspiring. I discovered many artists there and they all became sources of inspirations.

Whitechapel Gallery, East London

High Barnet charity shops

I usually like discovering charity shops that are not very well known. I came across a chain of charity shops in High Barnet which are all lined up next to each other and I always discover amazing pieces in there.
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Angel Antique Market

Although it’s called an antique market I always find bargains at Angel Antique Market. There are loads of old photos, and postcards; 70s and 80s garments; Victorian beaded laces and unusual chandelier crystals or brooches. As I also live in Angel, visiting the Angel Antique Market has become part of my usual routine.

Angel Antique Market, London

Second-hand Book Shops on Charing Cross Road

This is an amazing, but at the same time upsetting, destination: all these small second hand book shops are disappearing. I have spent hours in each and every single one of them, and have found many rare art and photography books there.