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Summer at Foss Fine Art, London | Exploring Colour and Texture
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Summer at Foss Fine Art, London | Exploring Colour and Texture

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Updated: 10 May 2016
Foss Fine Art, situated just off the charming Northcote Road, will be showcasing its Summer Exhibition until 14th July 2015. Visitors can expect to be drawn in by a colourful collection of pieces, including work by Jane Muir, Robert Newton, Nicola Rose, Debra Royston, Nicholas Turner RWA, Lorraine Wake, and the newly introduced and talented Georgie Mason, whose landscape paintings evoke an atmosphere and give a vibrant energy to this intimate setting.

Originally from Suffolk, London-based artist Georgie Mason specialises in oil paintings often inspired by landscapes, animals and people. Her passion for colour and texture has often led her to experiment with different media, such as splashing watercolours over oil and thus creating layers of paint, resulting in exciting textures. Inspired by memories of her own travels, particularly in Asia, Georgie aims to capture the character of a place within her work. Her seascapes, currently on show at Foss Fine Art, are a striking example of this.

Always starting her paintings from the centre of a blank canvas and working outwards, Georgie believes that her ideas develop as she works. Her initial vision, taken from a photograph or even just a memory, may be completely overridden as she continues to add brush strokes. Her main focus is for the canvas to have its own personality and evoke an atmosphere, something that comes from her enjoyment of creating the work itself. As a developing artist, Georgie hopes to continue experimenting with texture and understanding ways in which to paint lively and enticing paintings.

The exhibition also plays host to a range of other landscape artists, such as Nicola Rose, whose richly textured collections have been created using sand and oil paint; Debra Royston, whose stormy compositions aren’t to be missed; and Robert Newton, who showcases his bold, sweeping brush strokes. Lorraine Wake’s dreamlike pastel paintings are also on display, along with Jane Muir’s idiosyncratic hand-painted figures the work of Nicholas Turner RWA, who presents a calming and poetic selection of unique paintings. This is an exhibition full of diversity and colour, a beautiful summer collection.

This exhibition is on now until 14th July 2015. Please note: The Gallery will only be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Foss Fine Art, 113B Northcote Rd, London, SW11 6PW, UK, +44 20 7738 0838