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Everyone's Going Mad Over These Vegan Kebabs in London

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 15 June 2017
Vegan whaaa?? Yes, Londoner’s and visitors to the British capital – vegan kebabs have hit the streets of Shoreditch and of course, the hipsters have gone gaga for it.

Vegan or no vegan, throw all that fatty, gross meat to the side and indulge in the dish your veggie-laced heart secretly desires: an animal-free kebab. This isn’t just any kebab, this is a dirty (but totally guilt-free) doner that’s going to be your new late-night BFF.

Where on earth can I get this we hear you asking?! Drumroll please… What the Pitta at Boxpark Shoreditch. The place is so good, that it’s actually setting up shop permanently in the area, to accompany a site in the much-loved tram mecca of Croydon.

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The fabulous looking thing is completely and utterly GM free, and is stuffed with delicious soya chunks. It doesn’t stop there though, the whole wrap is doused in exotic Middle Eastern spices and pocketed into a very fresh, amazing pitta that’s topped with some extremely soul-destroyingly good homemade hummus and (soya yoghurt) tzatziki. If doners aren’t your thing, devour a vegan pizza or sweet baklava instead. Just as good.

Get your nom on at Boxpark Shoreditch, next to Shoreditch High St Overground station.