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Everyone's Freaking Out About These Epic Matcha Japanese Mille Crepes

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 12 January 2017
Freakshakes and cronuts are so last year, so we thought it would be jolly helpful to tell you about this new awesome Mille Crêpe patisserie that’s just opened up in London. Yes, LONDON! Screw that January diet, and go and indulge in some serious cakeage. Trust us, these are really worth it.

So what’s so special about a Japanese bakery in London? One that does a 15-layered Mille Crêpe cake stuffed with lighter-than-air layers of thick custard cream, that’s what.

To devour one (or 10), you’ll need to head down to the small and very cute Kova Patisserie in Soho, owned by Japanese patisserie-loving besties Jon and Ben.

So far, Kova is the only dedicated Mille Crêpe patisserie in London that makes these cakey wonders.

Each amazing cake takes almost six hours to perfect and is made by full-time dedicated staff who pan-fry each crêpe layer individually. All the delicious slices are held together by a thick, flavoured custard cream (#foodgasm).

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They come in four amazing flavours.

The very on-trend Matcha (our personal and very healthy favourite)…

A heavenly vanilla…

A Valrhona Chocolate blend (this high-grade chocolate is so good it’s used in some of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in the world)…

And a very British fruit-flavoured one, too…

Amazing Fruit Mille Crêpes photo by @kingken_photography #kova #kovapatisserie #fruitmillecrepes

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A slice will set you back £5.50, and a whole crêpe cake £42 (it’s so worth it, though).

Aside from the fab cakes, you can also down some lush cups of authentic and specially shipped-over Japanese teas like:

Matcha lattes…

And a very nom-nommy Genmaicha latte (the only ones in London, apparently)…

They also put their own awesome spin on some Western classics too, like:

Matcha Tiramisu…

And Matcha cake roll!

Rumour has it you’ll be seeing a few new flavours hitting the menu very, very soon.

Want to see the place in action? Check out the awesome video below: