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David Bowie Memorial in Brixton |© frankieleon / Flickr
David Bowie Memorial in Brixton |© frankieleon / Flickr
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Bowie Memorial Listed To Commemorate The Brixton Hero

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Updated: 4 January 2017
The legendary David Bowie is fondly remembered throughout the entire world — whether it was through his crazy music or wacky acting, he touched all of us with his creativity. Originating from Brixton, the artist was born there on 8 January 1947 and even attended Stockwell Primary School there until 1953. Bowie shot to fame with his strange new music, leaving the people of Brixton feeling very proud of their hometown hero.

Bowie’s death shocked the world on 10 January 2016, as he lost his 18-month long battle with cancer just two days after his 69th birthday. Not only were the people of the world moved by this news, but Brixton residents were exceptionally distraught by the loss of their beloved hero. Hundreds flocked to see the Bowie tribute on the side of Morley’s department store in Tunstall Place, which was created by James Cochran in June 2013. The mural depicts Bowie from the 1973 album cover of Aladdin Sane in bright, vibrant colours, shining in all his glory. This little street mural was in for a shock when well-wishers and fans flocked to it to lay flowers and tributes for the late artist.

Mourners gather at the Bowie memorial in Brixton
Mourners gather at the Bowie memorial in Brixton | © Mr Seb / Flickr

The spot has overflowed with gifts in memory of the star, with the area becoming such a central point for bereaved fans that Lambeth Council not only announced that it will be protecting the mural by making it a listed site, but it will also be renaming the street after Bowie. The council has been in contact with Bowie’s family to arrange a permanent memorial for him, such as statues or place names, in order to drive home the love Brixton feels for this artist and the impact he has had on this town.

This ‘Brixton boy’ influenced the world with great hits, including Let’s Dance, Space Oddity and Life on Mars? — all songs which will inspire the music industry for generations. Bowie will always be one of our Heroes, and this Brixton memorial shows how huge his impact was — not just on Brixton, but on the world.

Aladdin Sane Album | © Marc Wathieu
Aladdin Sane Album | © Marc Wathieu

Bowie’s Mural, Tunstall Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8BZ