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Bots & Barrals: Bringing Catalan Contemporary Theatre to London
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Bots & Barrals: Bringing Catalan Contemporary Theatre to London

Picture of Sara Prim
Updated: 9 February 2017

Discover how Catalan contemporary theatre fights to find its place in London’s crowded theatre scene, with the theatre companies Bots & Barrals and StoneCrabs working side by side in producing and performing Catalan plays. Considering the positive reviews and warm welcome for their productions so far, there are grounds for optimism that this cultural exchange is a success.


How do British audiences react to Catalan contemporary plays? This was the mystery the young theatre company Bots & Barrals wanted to figure out. Formed in London by director Silvia Ayguadé, who trained in Barcelona and has been performing and producing in London for the past 10 years, Bots & Barrals is the first theatre company in the UK to produce, export and stage Catalan theatre.

Bearing in mind that London’s competence in terms of theatre and iconic plays is fierce; the challenge ahead of Bots & Barrals is huge. However, there are reasons to be optimistic; their latest production, the award-winning Skin in Flames co-produced by Bots & Barrals and StoneCrabs, obtained great reviews from the press. And most importantly, more than 1300 spectators have seen this breathtaking play about the consequences of war during its four week run at Park Theatre.


By Sara Prim