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BOOKED Literary Events: Making Words Travel
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BOOKED Literary Events: Making Words Travel

Picture of Sarah Zakzouk
Updated: 26 January 2016
Booked is a unique literary project promoting cultural exchange and community experience. Collaborating with various charities and community groups to create a diverse experience, Booked brings literature to the forefront of the conversation. Hosting Spoken Words events with a twist in the form of author readings, poetry and music.

Booked is scouting out an inspired list of readers for upcoming events: writers, poets, authors – both published and unpublished, and those simply passionate about words with a talent for performance literature. These are community events showcasing the voices of communities, the unheard voices, the unexpected voices. The idea is to explore these communities through their literature and create a forum for discussion, and a better understanding of different traditions and ways of life. Booked events have an international scope, to encourage writers from all over the world to get involved and tell their stories.


The first charity collaboration which began this year in January promoted Books for London, the book-swapping initiative establishing a book swap across the entire London rail network. The idea was simple, yet got people talking, sharing and engaged with one another.


These collaborative events take place in London, a fantastic setting for the promotion of cultural diversity, and the Booked project aims to successfully bring these events to countries around the world, exposing different community voices to audiences on a global scale.


To the writers out there who think they have what it takes and would like to be involved in these Spoken Words events, please contact Sarah Zakzouk:


Find out the latest happenings from Booked on their blog, Facebook and Twitter @BookedLitEvents.