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© London Surf / Film Festival
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Best Things to Catch at the London Surf / Film Festival 2017

Picture of Luke Bradshaw
Sports Editor
Updated: 13 October 2017
The London Surf / Film Festival returns to the UK’s capital for its seventh edition, with a variety of events across the last week of October.

The 2017 programme features a variety of award-winning projects, with travelogues, documentaries and, of course, some of the best surfing around.

© London Surf / Film Festival

‘I’m really stoked on this year’s line of stunning cinematography, stories, and surfing,’ says LS/FF Director Demi Taylor, discussing the festival that she, along with fellow surf-writer Chris Nelson, founded six years ago. ‘For many of the movies we’re screening, the festival will be the only chance you’ll get to watch them in the UK as they were intended to be enjoyed – on the big screen, accompanied by a packed crowd of likeminded folk – the original “social media” experience!’

There will question and answer sessions with some of most exciting surfers in the world today including Andrew Cotton, Mike Lay, LeeAnn Curren, Albee Layer and Kepa Acero, who actually broke his neck earlier this year. As well as the surfers there will be live music, pop up events and art to get stick into, on top of appearances from filmmakers such as Peter Hamblin, Dan Norkunas, Takuji Masuda, Matt Crocker and Chris McClean.

© London Surf / Film Festival


Church of the Open Sky by Nathan Oldfield, 19th October

Getting its UK premiere, with its beautiful imagery and cinematography, this film focuses on Australia and New Zealand, as well as Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea. Those featured include Dave Rastovich, Lauren Hill, Alex Knost, Tom Wegener and Belinda Baggs.

The Sea Wolf by Ben Gulliver, 20th October

Arguably the most anticipated film of the entire festival, The Sea Wolf gets its European premiere. With stunning locations providing the backdrop, this two-year project sees the likes of Noah Cohen and Chippa Wilson go in search of some of surfing’s most isolated and untapped waters.

Perilous Sea by Ryan Meichtry / Mike Bromley, 21st October

Guaranteed to tug on your wanderlust strings, this transcontinental cold-water surfing epic captures the very best of the Atlantic. Heidar Eliasson, Noah Lane and Sam Hammer, among others, head to Ireland, Canada and Iceland to capture the raw spirit and glorious waves that this ocean has to offer.

© London Surf / Film Festival

Island Earth by Cyrus Sutton, 24th October

Island Earth is the story of a Hawaiian scientist and his quest for truth between science and tradition as he explores an industry threatening the welfare of his homeland. It focuses on the way conventional agricultural methods are at odds with the plant’s natural resources. It’s an issue felt worldwide, but this film brings it into sharp focus by using Hawaii – a microcosm of these global issues – as its setting.

Scramble Gamble by Nathan Myers, 26th October

A road trip with next to no planning. Four friends ignore the boring bits – hotel reservations, weather forecasts, research, logistics – and simply travel around Indonesia on their bikes. With longboards, fishes and a few other boards in between, they simply surf wherever and whenever the trip takes them.

© London Surf / Film Festival

Changing Point, Rebecca Coley
Bezerke, Andrew Kaineder
Cold Lines, Claudia Lederer
The Brotherhood, Chris Case
The Man & The Sea, Andrew Kaineder
Awen, Anders Melchior
Maurice Cole: The First Wave, Peter Baker
I Knew Jack O’Neill, Peter Hamblin
Dispatch From Mexico, Eugenio Barcelloni
Headwind Haters, Chris McClean
The Ocean Doesn’t Care, Mikey DeTemple

19–21 October 2017, Regent Street Cinema hosts LS/FF. Tickets are on sale here.
22–26 October 2017, series of events across London. Sign up to the LS/FF newsletter for details here.