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Top Must-Follow Food Blogs From London
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Top Must-Follow Food Blogs From London

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Updated: 28 November 2016
London is a melting pot of experiences, languages, and cultures. With all those influences brought together, it seems only right that the city boasts a wide range of culinary delights. Food blogs are a fantastic way of keeping up to date with the constantly shifting world of London food. Here are the best ones.
The Culture Trip
Courtesy of Take Courage

Take Courage

For anyone who considers themselves a food lover, Take Courage presents some of the most mouthwatering photographs. Ever wondered what plum frangipane tart or salted caramel and nectarine layer cake look like? Wonder no more: they’re presented in loving detail, along with step-by-step instructions on how to make them. The writer, who calls herself ‘Cat’, also devotes her blog to vintage clothing and ‘Antique and Vintage Guides’ for different cities. The recipes are presented with a dash of class and nostalgia stirred in, and are well worth a read.

The Culture Trip
Jamie Oliver | ©Russivia/WikiCommons

Jamie Oliver

Where would any food blog list be without the inclusion of Britain’s best-loved chef? Jamie Oliver rose to fame in 1997 through his cookery programme The Naked Chef. Today he has a website –, an Instagram account – @jamieoliver, as well as a successful chain of restaurants all over London. For any lover of British food, (albeit with an Italian twist or two) this is worth a look. The pictures on his account are appealing, and the corresponding recipes can be found on his site. If you missed his Christmas recipes, be sure to look up the cinnamon-spiced hot chocolate.

London Eater

This blog combines photos of the trendiest London restaurants with in-depth reviews about the restaurant, and most helpfully, with the prices included. The site was started by a student named Kang Leong during a visit to west Wales – boredom allegedly helping to stimulate his mental processes. It has had more than two million hits since it started in 2008. It’s easy to see why, as it isn’t short on variety. There’s everything there from Spanish to wine restaurants, and the reviews are refreshingly in-depth. It can be found on

The Culture Trip
Stewpot | ©French/WikiCommons

Eat Like a Girl

Feeling adventurous? Tired of eating the same things, at the same places? Try Eat Like A Girl, a blog by Niamh Shields – one of the most well-known food bloggers living in London. She combines wit and a light, breezy tone in her writings on all things food-related. Her recipes are inspired by her travels and tried-and-tested dishes from her favourite cookbooks. There are plenty of gratuitous photographs of her dishes too. A must in any food-lover’s repertoire.

The Culture Trip
Her Favourite Food Logo | ©Her Favourite Food

Her Favourite Food

For foodies on a shoestring budget, if you’re looking for somewhere cheap and tasty to eat out in London, why not have a look at Her Favourite Food? The blog has been named one of the Best Blogs of 2013 by Square Meal, and it’s easy to see why: the author’s passion for food shines through in her writing. She is a self-confessed ‘foodie’, and the blog came about through her love of eating out… cheaply. There’s a list of her favourite restaurants, complete with pictures and reviews. Most helpfully, there’s a ‘swank factor’, which ensures that wherever you’re eating, it’s going to be trendy.

The Culture Trip
Chopping board | ©

Belleau Kitchen

When you’re out of pocket and can’t afford to eat out, what then? Try Belleau Kitchen, the site run by Dominic – a chef who also blogs his favourite recipes in his spare time. Citing his mother and food-guru Delia Smith as his inspirations, Dominic also writes food columns for several local magazines and makes regular appearances on the radio. New, seasonal dishes are uploaded every few days, along with photos of his delectable recipes that will have anyone running to the shops for the ingredients. Go to for more.