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Augmented-Reality Cocktails Have Launched in London
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Augmented-Reality Cocktails Have Launched in London

Picture of Kathryn Maier
NYC Food & Drink Editor
Updated: 5 July 2017
Chef Jason Atherton has finally made his long-held dream of augmented-reality cocktails an, ahem, reality at his City Social bar.

Just in case the prospect of a delicious, creative, and interestingly garnished cocktail isn’t exciting enough for you, there’s now an augmented-reality cocktail menu newly available at a Michelin-starred bar, from the mad-scientist mind of a world-renowned celebrity chef.

The Mirage cocktail menu launched on Monday at Jason Atherton’s City Social bar uses a custom-designed app to pair each of 12 cocktails with works of art, from Van Gogh’s paintings to Banksy’s street art. As with Pokemon Go, after downloading the app, you point your phone’s camera at your drink, and it instantly appears on your phone’s screen as though it were surrounded by art.

A sparkling cocktail called Sashay combines Perrier Jouët Champagne, plum wine, jasmine, and licorice, and evokes the flapper era with a vision of a woman reclining on a chaise longue. A drink called Wheatfields with Fizz, a mix of a Dutch vodka, elderflower, bee pollen, lager, and egg white, is shown with references to Van Gogh’s best-known works including Starry Night, Wheat Field with Crows, and View of Arles.

Our question: London already has plenty of delicious and Instagram-friendly cocktails available at its excellent bars. Why not just order one of those and enjoy it as its own work of art, sans phone technology?