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The Arcelor Mittal Orbit Tower features the world's longest tunnel slide | © Gary Ullah / Flickr
The Arcelor Mittal Orbit Tower features the world's longest tunnel slide | © Gary Ullah / Flickr
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An Adventure Traveler's Guide to London

Picture of Georgina Wilson-Powell
Updated: 15 February 2017
While London doesn’t have mountains, ski slopes or beaches, it does have plenty of adrenaline-fueled adventures if you know where to look. We’ve rounded up the most heart-stopping activities in London to get your thrill on.

Get out on the Thames

We bet you didn’t know you can kayak on the Thames. Get up close and personal with the famous river, as Kayak London takes you on a unique history tour, where you can paddle right up to the Houses of Parliament and into the centre of London. If you’re brave enough, you can even do it at night.

Do a night climb at the O2

Ascend and abseil from the iconic O2 in North Greenwich. Now they offer night climbs as well! Head up there as the sun is setting and get a unique view of London after dark – Canary Wharf never looked so pretty!

The o2 at sunset
Climb the O2 at sunset | © Pixabay

Pedal as fast as you can

Thanks to the 2012 Olympics, east London has the most amazing velodrome, where you can put your pedals to the test – either on the race track or use the state-of-the-art BMX circuit. You don’t have to be a professional to rock up either – there are lessons for BMX beginners and taster track sessions to get you started.

Whizz down the world’s longest tunnel slide

Last year, at the Arcelor Mittal Orbit Tower in Stratford, an enormous slide was woven into the sculpture. And, at 178 metres, it’s the longest tunnel slide in the world. Get intimate with the UK’s tallest sculpture like never before – the slide corkscrews all the way down to the ground, which takes abound 40 seconds.

The AreclorMittal Orbit
Slide all the way down | © Gary Ullah / Flickr

Climb real ice

While we wait for global warming to, well, chill things a little, try your hand at real ice climbing in Covent Garden at Vertical Chill. Hidden away in an outdoor adventure store, you can practise with a pick-axe and crampons and pretend you’re tackling Mount Everest.

Consider London your own playground

Leap tall buildings and defy gravity! While parkour doesn’t make you a superhero, it is remarkably impressive. Essentially a sport where you challenge yourself to get up and over urban obstacles without touching the ground, it’s a lot harder than it looks. Practise your moves at the London School of Parkour, that runs classes for beginners and experts.

A Parkour backflip
Parkour is pretty impressive | © Pixabay

Learn to fly a plane

Out at the London Airsports Centre you can learn to fly a plane in a day – they’ll take you as far as the Isle of Wight and teach you the basics of handling an airplane. You can even buy the experience as a gift. It’ll give you a whole new perspective of London.

Take off in a powerkite

Take to the skies in another way with powerkiting. Essentially a buggy strapped to a massive kite, this exhilarating sport takes place in Richmond Park and you can book lessons to learn how to get some serious air.

Deer in Richmond Park
Don’t mind the deer | © Pixabay