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A selfie 'lolpop' | © Candy Mechanics
A selfie 'lolpop' | © Candy Mechanics
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A New London Pop Up Will Carve Your Face as a 3D Golden Chocolate Lollipop

Picture of Andrew Webb
Food & Drink Editor
Updated: 17 May 2017
Who doesn’t want to eat their own face made of chocolate? Culture Trip checks out the ultimate edible selfie.

Candy Mechanics, a new food+tech start up, will be showcasing their latest gizmo at a pop up shop in Covent Garden over the Bank Holiday weekend, and we had a sneak preview of the process.

How does it work?

First you sit on a chair while a white-coated lab technician called George scans your face with an infrared device (that means no spectacles folks, as they reflect the beam). The resulting scan is then cleaned up on the computer and sent to the milling machine.

This whirs into life and the drill begins to carve out your face in 3D from a chocolate lollypop, with the whole process taking around five minutes. It’s then given a dusting of edible gold for some final bling. The team call the finished result a ‘lolpop’, and they’re available in indulgent white, smooth milk and luxurious dark chocolate varieties and cost £8 (US$10). ‘We do a lot of events,’ says founder Sam Part, ‘from corporate days to wedding favours.’

© Candy Mechanics
© Candy Mechanics

If you can’t get down to Covent Garden on the Bank Holiday don’t worry. They also have an app that lets you take multiple photos of your head using your smart phone, which you email to the company so they can make up the ‘lolpop’, and send it in the post.

About Candy Mechanics

Candy Mechanics was founded by Sam Part and Ben Redford in 2015, along with William Leigh, the former chief taster at Green & Black’s chocolates. Together they work with engineer Chris Tait on customisable candy products, including Candy Cards, which let you design any type of chocolate greeting card you like. It’s a process that is, in their own words, ‘pretty rad’.

Candy Mechanics Pop-up, 10am–7pm, May 25–29, 2017
10, The Piazza, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8HD

The ultimate selfie, by Candy Mechanic | Courtesy of Candy Mechanics
The ultimate selfie, by Candy Mechanic | Courtesy of Candy Mechanics