A New London Dating App Will Help You Find Love On The Tube

Find Your Commuter
Find Your Commuter
Photo of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor30 March 2017

That’s right Londoners, a new dating app will help find your true love 😍 on the Jubilee Line (not the Central, way too hot and smelly on there). Here’s the story.

Sick of Tinder and yearning for a bit of lovin’? Well, you’re in luck London as there’s a new dating app in town, which promises to find your next bae chillin’ on the Bakerloo line. ‘Find Your commuter‘ works in a very similar fashion to other mainstream dating apps: fill in that profile (we’ve all done it, no shame here Culture Trippers) and upload that sexy side profile photo etc etc.

The only difference with this app is that you’ll need to fill in where your commute starts and finishes, the line you use most and a rough journey time. Once all this is done, the app will present to you a load of hunks and honies for you to pursue – bye Metro…

Scared you’ll get a new stalker? Don’t worry, the app filters out all the creepy people by way of a nifty vetting process inspired by how the Oyster Card works. Like our handy little blue friend, the app works on a ‘touch in, touch out’ basis, so if you like someone, you ‘touch in’ on them and if they like you, they ‘touch out’ on you – so clever and SWEET, huh?

Even if you don’t find love on the Northern Line, at least your morning and evening commutes will be that little more saucier.