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Abbey Road | © Flickr/Tilly Holland
Abbey Road | © Flickr/Tilly Holland
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A Music Lover's Guide to London

Picture of Nicholas Atkins
Updated: 25 July 2017
London has produced some of the greatest music of all time. The streets are dotted with sites of musical significance from recording studios, to iconic album cover shoot locations, to boozers where musical legends spent their heady heydays. Here are five of the essential musical sites in London.
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Abbey Road

The focus of possibly one of the most iconic album covers of all time, the zebra crossing at Abbey Road has become a place of pilgrimage for Beatles fans and tourists from across the world. The crossing itself and the studios where The Beatles recorded the Abbey Road Album are now recognised national heritage sites.

3 Abbey Road, London, England

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Denmark Street

This place has a rich and varied musical history that stretches back to 1911 when Lawrence Wright, a pioneer of sheet music publishing, set up shop here. He went on to found Melody Maker Magazine there in 1926. It became home to most of London’s music publishers by the 40s and the NME was launched at 5 Denmark Street in 1952. The list of world-beating artists that have recorded on Denmark Street is endless and includes The Kinks, The Small Faces, Black Sabbath, David Bowie and the Sex Pistols. Bob Marley recorded on the street and it was reputedly where he bought his first guitar. To this day, Denmark Street is the prime location for musical instrument sales and repair.

Denmark Street, London, England

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23 Heddon Street

You may recognise this spot from the iconic and mysterious cover of David Bowie’s iconic Ziggy Stardust album. There is now a plaque at the site, which was unveiled recently by Spandau Ballet’s Gary Kemp.

23 Heddon Street, London, England

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Berwick Street

This street in Soho featured on the cover of Oasis’s second album, What’s The Story Morning Glory, twenty years ago. It is now a site of Oasis pilgrimage where fans enrage the drivers trying to pass through the street by attempting to line up their album covers to the exact spot where the cover pic was taken. Berwick Street has also always been an area synonymous with buying vinyl records and seedy nightlife.

Berwick Street, London, England

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The Good Mixer, Camden

This no nonsense Camden boozer is well known for having been Amy Winehouse’s local. She could be seen playing pool and partying it up there regularly with a string of rock stars, models and other celebrities. It now serves as a bitter-sweet reminder of the good times and the excesses that sadly ended the iconic singer’s life.

30 Inverness Street, London, England