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A London Bar Is Selling a £100 Cocktail Topped With Gold Leaf and Edible Diamonds

Picture of Alice Johnston
Food Editor
Updated: 7 March 2018
Bored of beer? Tired of tequila and weary of wine? If you want to expand your alcohol horizons and are willing to drop £100 on a single drink, we have just the cocktail for you.

A bar in West London has created a cocktail that costs a cool £100 and includes multiple kinds of premium spirits, gold leaf, mascarpone foam and edible diamonds. So not your everyday G&T, then.

The Bletchley, sister bar to London’s Breaking Bad cocktail experience, wanted to create a drink that would titillate and entertain customers. Their bartenders dreamt up ‘The George VI’ in the hopes of creating a whole new drinking experience.

george Vi
It can take bartenders up to 40 minutes to fully assemble the drink | © The Bletchley
The cocktail costs £100 and contains gold leaf |  © The Bletchley

The elaborate libation is made from Lanique rose vodka, Monkey 47 gin and Chambord raspberry liqueur, mixed with fresh lemon juice and bitter lemon, and multiple fruit and herbal infusions.

Adorned with mascarpone foam, the cocktail is then topped with those sparkly edible diamonds, gold chocolate, gold leaves, caramel and gold sprinkles.

As if that wasn’t enough (if you’re paying £100, you want to get your money’s worth), you also get a ‘sparkling wine bomb’ made with English garden jelly and garnished with French toast, Polish pancakes, lollipops and chocolates. So you’ll get a sugar high as well as getting merry.

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The only disadvantage is that it can take up to 40 minutes for the cocktail to be made, so prepare to be thirsty before your drink arrives.

Sebastian Lyall, founder of Lollipop, the company that owns and created The Bletchley, spoke to Culture Trip about ‘The George VI’: ‘The cocktail aims to immerse customers into the art of different method’s used in cocktail making,’ he said. ‘From infusion to rapid cooling to jellification, the cocktail is very complex and gives patrons a unique and personalised experience, something which is at the heart of The Bletchley.’

As long as someone else is buying, we’re more than happy to sup.