Best Free Apps For Exploring London

Tower Bridge | © Jessie Lim
Tower Bridge | © Jessie Lim
Photo of Jessie Lim
12 July 2017

King’s Cross can be a pretty chaotic place with throngs of people rushing about and cars coming at you from all directions. However, arriving in London doesn’t have to be a stressful experience – these apps make it easier to navigate the city, and differentiate yourself from an everyday tourist.


Hype answers your question of “What should I do now?” acting as the perfect companion to explore London. The team behind Hype carefully curate the activities and recommendations suggested through the app, ensuring all content is relevant and up-to-date. You can customise the app to suit your preferences as well – create a profile, follow a handpicked group of urban creatives, build a personal list and above all, explore!

Available: iTunes

Hype! | Courtesy of Hype!

Coffee(In) Touch

Do you ever find yourself in need of some caffeine, but mega coffee chains aren’t your cup of tea? Coffee(In) Touch brings together independent coffee shops in the vicinity on a map for easier navigation. Instead of hunting for a decent cup of coffee to fuel your jet-lagged haze, you can head to your nearest preferred establishment (based on filters such as WiFi and dietary requirements ) to load up.

Available: iTunes

Coffee(In) Touch app | Courtesy of Jessie Lim

OpenTable UK

Unsure about what to eat for lunch or dinner? Make life easier by searching for the best deals and booking them with OpenTable. With offers such as 50 percent off food at certain times and special set menus, it is almost a given that every meal in London will be worth your money. There are ratings, reviews and menus – everything you need to make an effortless decision.

Available: iTunes | Google Play

App | Courtesy of OpenTable UK


After using this app to navigate London, it is almost impossible to fathom commuting in the city without it. Citymapper calculates the amount of time needed to get to your destination, providing routes you can take either by walking, cycling or car. As well as suggesting the most time-efficient routes via public transport, it also tells you how much money you need to spend, or in the case of walking and cycling, the number of calories you burn.

Available: iTunes | Google Play

Citymapper | Courtesy of Citymapper UK

Santander Cycles

Cycling around London just got easier. The Santander Cycles app shows updated information on which docking stations have available bikes and spaces, as well as a handy map for you to navigate around safely. London is said to be expensive, but a full-day bike access fee for £2 is a great way to save some money.

Available: iTunes | Google Play

Santander Cycles app | Courtesy of Jessie Lim


If you are in a hurry or it’s raining too heavily for cycling, Kabbee is the way to go. An alternative to hailing cabs on the street, Kabbee allows you to search through fleets and book a car to get you somewhere. Prices are calculated by distance and are fixed upon booking so you won’t have to worry about any hidden charges.

Available: iTunes | Google Play

Kabbee | Courtesy of Kabbee

The Culture Trip

Want to know more about local hotspots and what London has to offer in terms of food, art and culture? The Culture Trip app provides a simple way of getting up to speed with all things cultural, such as the most significant musicals in London’s West End or where the best pancakes are located. It has a good mix of recommendations and interesting trivia, all written by people living in London. Perfect for a quick read on your way to the city.

Available: iTunes | Google Play

Courtesy of The Culture Trip