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© Lord James/Twitter
© Lord James/Twitter
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17 Hilarious and Very British Reactions to the Summer Heatwave

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 21 June 2017
If you live in the UK, particularly in London and the south, you know one thing: IT’S VERY HOT!

The Brits love to complain. It’s a tradition. ‘It’s too cold’, ‘My tea is too milky’, ‘Did you see the price of that sandwich!’ we like to say.

This week, Brits are complaining about one thing in particular… the heat! While the sun is blazing for today’s summer solstice (it’s well over 30 degrees Celsius in parts of the country), Brits are doing what they do best: moaning. Here are just some of the most hilarious tweets we’ve seen from the Twitter world.