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17 Crazy Facts About the Queen That Will Make Your Mouth Drop

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Social Content Editor
Updated: 25 May 2018
Marked by the Trooping of the Colour, The Queen celebrates her official birthday today (yes, she has two). In honour of this momentous occasion, here’s a few surprising, hilarious and mildly NSFW facts you never knew about the real Elizabeth.

1. Queen Elizabeth II is Britain’s 40th monarch since William the Conqueror was crowned in 1066…

2. Her real birthday is April 21, but it is celebrated officially on the second Saturday of June…

3. The Queen has given royal assent to 3,671 Acts of Parliament…

4. Speaking of numbers, she and the Duke of Edinburgh have sent tens of thousands of Christmas cards since the accession.

5. The Queen has 30 godchildren.

6. She’s been to the FA Cup Final.

7. The Queen knows how to use and fire a gun at will…

© PA Images
© PA Images

8. The Monarch is also allergic to cats…

9. But she loves dogs. Elizabeth has owned more than 30 corgis during her reign. The first was Susan, followed by current tail waggers Emma, Linnet, Monty, Holly and Willow to name a few…

© Joan Williams/REX/Shutterstock
© Joan Williams/REX/Shutterstock

10. On the subject of furry beasts, the Queen has received countless live animals as gifts, including jaguars and sloths from Brazil and two black beavers from Canada. They were all given to London Zoo…

11. Bizarrley, the Queen collects pepper grinders…

12. Her Majesty visited a mosque in the UK for the first time in July 2002, in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.

13. Someone tried to shoot her during the 1981 Trooping the Colour ceremony, but she just continued on down The Mall, on her horse. #keepcalmandcarryon

14. She has a top-secret Facebook (as in her actual Facebook) that she uses to keep in contact with senior members of the Royal Family.

15. Her Maj has been to Australia 16 times, Canada 22 times, Jamaica six times and New Zealand 10 times.

16. The Queen has received over 3.5 million items of correspondence during her reign.

17. She once demoted a naughty footman for giving her corgis whisky.

© Julia Wytrazek/Culture Trip
© Julia Wytrazek / Culture Trip

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