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Toad in the hole | © AS Food studio / Shutterstock
Toad in the hole | © AS Food studio / Shutterstock
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16 Foods Only British People Really Understand

Picture of Andrew Webb
Food & Drink Editor
Updated: 22 June 2017
British restaurants are some of the best in the world, but let’s not forget the classics we grew up with. Here, then, are 16 dishes that only really make sense to Brits.

The full English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh/Northern Irish breakfast

THE hangover cure that the entire family of nations relies on – that and orange Lucozade.

Hawksmoor, Spitalfields, London
Hawksmoor, Spitalfields, London | © Ewan Munro

Yorkshire pudding

A huge fluffy pillow made from batter, perfect for soaking up the gravy from your Sunday roast.

© riggsby / Shutterstock

Toad in the hole

Yorkshire pudding’s other job, thick meaty sausages baked into the batter as it cooks.

Toad in the hole
Toad in the hole | © AS Food studio / Shutterstock

Deep-fried Mars bar

A fine Scottish delicacy that, had it been invented by the Swiss, would no doubt be a Bake Off technical round by now.

Deep-fried Mars bar with malted ice cream
Deep-fried Mars bar with malted ice cream | © Kerry L / Flickr

Chicken parmo

Sounds Italian, but is actually from Middlesborough. Chicken breast beaten flat, coated in breadcrumbs, fried, and then covered in white sauce and cheese.

© AS Food studio / Shutterstock

Pasty barm

The food that put Bolton on the map… the carb-loading obesity map.

Pasty barm
Pasty barm | © Wikicommons


Rather unfortunate name for these lovely balls from the Midlands, similar to the French rissoles.

Traditionally made from pig’s heart, liver and fatty belly meat or bacon, minced together
Traditionally made from pig’s heart, liver and fatty belly meat or bacon, minced together | © Fanfo / Shutterstock

Gentleman’s relish

A grey, salty paste made from fermented anchovies – honestly, it’s delicious.

© Thinglass / Shutterstock

Brown sauce

Essential condiment for a bacon butty, sadly now no longer made in the UK.

© D Pimborough / Shutterstock

Scotch egg

An English breakfast of egg, sausage and bread, compressed into a handy sphere, perfect for picnics.

© Magdanatka / Shutterstock

Jellied eels

Cockney cab driver fuel, Guv.

© Guy Erwood / Shutterstock

Chips and curry sauce

East meets west in the original British fusion food.

© Sam Strickler / Shutterstock

Mushy peas

Peas, cooked down to a mush, yet still vivid green thanks to hefty amounts of totally safe food colouring, also known as Northern guacamole.

© Neil langan / Shutterstock

Salad cream

Because your Gran never got to grips with mayonnaise.

Salad Cream
Salad Cream | © Sarah/Flickr


Slathered in butter, the ultimate comfort food for a Saturday afternoon.

© SGM / Shutterstock

Spotted dick

Hilariously named stodgy pud, remember to always slather it in custard.

© Margoe Edwards / Shutterstock

Eccles cakes

Affectionately known as a squashed fly pie, and, oddly, best served with cheese.

© D Pimborough / Shutterstock