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10 London Startups to Watch This Year

Picture of Ruaidhrí Carroll
London Travel Writer
Updated: 25 August 2017
London is the ideal hub for any startup to catch a big break: a multicultural metropolis full of free-thinkers, always ready to try something new, looking for anything to save time or make life that little bit easier. Every year there is an abundance of startup talent flourishing in the UK, and 2017 is no different. Here are 10 London startups to watch this year.


Making investment easy since 2015, Moneybox allows users to round every payment made by card to the nearest pound, with the difference being invested for prospective financial returns – because who really keeps track of their pennies anyway? With $4.75 million in seed funding already, expect big things from this fintech firm.


At the forefront of fusing tech and fashion, Thread has been helping women everywhere – by improving the way men dress. Founded in 2012, the app serves as a free pocket personal stylist that provides men with personalised fashion advice, instead taking a cut of the profit from purchases made through the app. Advice for women is on the way, too, so watch this space.


Fintech firm Monzo has been revolutionising the banking industry by giving power back to the consumer. The app-only bank allows users to track every penny spent by categorising all expenditures, making money management a whole lot easier. Founded in 2015, the app crashed Crowdcube during a February 2016 crowdfund, when it took a mere 96 seconds to achieve its $1 million target.


Carspring is a digital car dealership that’s making all the stress out of selling and buying secondhand cars. Taking care of everything from technical and legal screenings, the company even provides a driveway delivery service when everything is complete. Founded in 2015, it’s already secured nearly $10 million in three rounds of funding.


Bringing the mortgage application process into the 21st century, Habito allows users to apply for a mortgage digitally, without all the dauntingly cumbersome paperwork traditionally associated with regular banks. Another successful London fintech firm, Habito has obtained nearly $9 million from investors to pursue its digital mortgage-brokering business model.

Receipt Bank

Automating small and medium-sized business bookkeeping, Receipt Bank is saving time and money for over 5,000 accounting and bookkeeping companies, and more than 100,000 of their small to medium-sized business clients. Growing 100% year-on-year, since it was founded in 2010, it is no wonder Receipt Bank has secured $65 million so far.


Providing craft creatives with a global digital marketplace to sell their produce, LoveCrafts is a game-changer for the modern artisan. Striving to create an online environment that merges e-commerce with social networking, the website allows ‘makers’ to buy supplies and sell products, while also enabling users to share advice. Founded in 2010, the business has secured over $60 million pounds of investment, over $33 million of which was this year.


On a mission to revolutionise how businesses engage with employees, bob is streamlining the administrative workload of human resource departments so that businesses can focus on engaging and retaining satisfied employees. Giving real-time insights through a powerful operating system, also accessible via an app, bob has successfully raised $25 million in funding.

Wave Optics

Making augmented reality a 21st century reality, Wave Optics offers the potential to superimpose computer-generated images over a view of the real world. With untold applications to enhance both work and leisure activities, it’s somewhat surprising that this 2014 startup has not raised more than $16 million so far.

Culture Trip

It would be remiss of us not to mention our own digital media platform, where we provide location-based inspiration for the culturally curious. Founded in 2011, Culture Trip has since managed to secure $22 million in funding and, as of July 2017, become the biggest travel media brand on Facebook. Forbes have us down of one of Britain’s fastest-growing businesses to watch this year, too.