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The 10 Best Restaurants In Bournemouth, England

The 10 Best Restaurants In Bournemouth, England

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Updated: 9 February 2017
This charming British seaside town has been attracting visitors for years with its panoramic sea views, buzzing atmosphere, delicious local cuisine, and fascinating wildlife. The regional delights on offer here truly do display the best of Dorset. Come and get a taste of this coastal gem by sampling the fresh seafood, regional vegetables, and locally reared meats that have earned this European summer getaway its reputation as a haven for foodies.

Urban Reef

Urban Reef offers a unique opportunity to enjoy some of the best quality Dorset cuisine, right on the seafront. This idyllic setting offers a breathtaking panorama of both Bournemouth Bay and Boscombe Promenade – some of the most spectacular sights in the county. The menu aims to showcase the best of Dorset’s local cuisine, and diners can enjoy regional delicacies such as Dorset rock oysters and Cornish mussels as they gaze out onto the abundant natural landscape from which their meal has been sourced. An impressive range of cocktails, wines, beers, and spirits make Urban Reef a superb location for meeting and enjoying a drink with friends.


Address & telephone number: Urban Reef, The Overstrand, Undercliff Drive, Boscombe, UK, +441202 443960

Bournemouth Pizza Co

Soft, springy dough, and oozing melted cheese are the ingredients behind the incredible success of this local Bournemouth favorite. Love and attention to detail simply burst from each delicious mouthful here at the Bournemouth Pizza Co thanks to the pizza dough, made fresh each morning and left to rise for the optimal time. Another secret behind the fantastic flavors of the pizza here? The wood-fired oven that cooks each pizza in true, authentic Italian style. This pizzeria has quickly become one of Bournemouth’s hottest hipster hang-outs thanks to the stylishly minimalist decor, funky art displays, and the excellent choice of retro music which creates the restaurant’s lively atmosphere. For those feeling adventurous, in addition to all the classic favorite toppings, there are more exciting options available such as wild boar and venison pizza.


Address & telephone number: Bournemouth Pizza Co, 44 St Swithun’s Road, Bournemouth, UK, +441202 555125


Established in 2011, since its creation this Thai restaurant on West Cliff has earned itself much respect within Bournemouth’s food scene and was the winner of the Open Table Diner’s Choice Award 2015. The authentic Asian cookery at Tiien will take you on a culinary adventure to exotic, far away lands. Servers dressed in traditional Oriental attire complete the wonderful experience. The excellent bar menu and delightful summer terrace make Tiien a great place to relax and enjoy a cocktail with friends. The interior is elegant and contemporary with sleek wooden paneling and ambient lighting. Considering the superb quality of the food, the menu at Tiien offers great value for money.


Address & telephone number: Tiien, 105 St Michael’s Road, Bournemouth, UK, +44 1202 299412

Café Boscanova

Bournemouth’s best kept local secret; for those lucky ones in the know, Café Boscanova is the place to come for fantastic breakfasts in this seaside resort. Creamy lattes, aromatic americanos, and frothy cappuccinos – Boscanova’s coffees are known as the best in Bournemouth. Welcoming staff, a buzzing atmosphere, and wonderful outdoor seating in the sunshine round off the exceptional experience here. Kick-start your day with a traditional English breakfast, a buttery and delicious French pastry, or Boscanova’s infamous American pancakes. Lunch options change regularly with the seasons and include a heavenly range of up-market sandwiches such as sourdough toast with avocado, chili, and lime.


Address & telephone number: Café Boscanova, 650 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, UK, +441202 242831

Edge Restaurant

The Edge Restaurant, simply oozing with glamour, is Bournemouth’s most chic dining option. Ocean views offer breathtaking opportunities to watch the sun setting as you dine and this extremely romantic setting makes The Edge the perfect location for couples seeking quality time together during their summer escape. This cliff-top restaurant offers a sweeping view of the whole Bournemouth coastline, some of the UK’s finest, thanks to the idyllic al-fresco dining area. A European menu serves up outstanding quality seafood and meat in exquisite dishes such as a Poole Bay lobster soufflé. With its gourmet menu, impeccable service, and plush interior, The Edge offers a true experience of haute-cuisine, right here in Bournemouth.


Address & telephone number: The Edge, 4th Floor, 2 Studland Rd, Bournemouth, UK, +441202 757007


Kitsch interiors and fascinating furnishings have made Flirt into the favorite watering hole of Bournemouth’s artsy crowd. Retro decor, the unique menu, and ambient lighting from vintage lamps create an interesting and trendy atmosphere. The seats at Flirt can range from former aeroplane chairs, to recycled and mismatched chairs. The creative atmosphere even oozes from the funky menu options with delights such as Creme Egg hot chocolates, Asian bubble teas, hearty butternut squash pies, and tasty Jamaican jambalayas. The waffles here, smothered in toppings and dripping with sauces, are another must-try, rivaling even the heavenly creations of Café Boscanova! Flirt also plays host to photography exhibitions and live music.


Address & telephone number: Flirt, 21 The Triangle, Bournemouth, UK, +44 1202 553999

The Crab

The town’s lush and abundant surroundings mean that Bournemouth benefits from some of the best local produce in the UK. The ‘Posh Fish and Chips’ at The Crab puts a gourmet twist on this traditional British favorite and is just one of many fantastic seafood dishes on the restaurant’s menu. True fish lovers will be blown away by the different varieties, flavors, and cooking methods which aim to enhance, rather than mask, the fabulous, natural flavors of these ocean ingredients. The fish is bought from local Dorset markets and the menu changes with the seasons to only include the highest quality of produce.


Address & telephone number: The Crab Restaurant, Exeter Road, Bournemouth, +44 1202 203601

Kino Lounge

Kino Lounge‘s healthy, eco-friendly ethos prioritizes the use of only organic, nutritious, and wonderfully fresh ingredients – with exceptional results. The range of salads, soups, tapas, and mezes are sure to cater to all tastes. A wafting scent of freshly baked bread pervades the entire café and invites visitors into this friendly, welcoming space. The dining area also doubles up as an art gallery, and the walls are a canvas for local artistic talent. Downstairs, the basement cinema allows diners to enjoy a fascinating art house film as they tuck into their meal. This cultural café simply bursts with creativity and life.


Address & telephone number: Kino Lounge, 39 Bourne Close, Bournemouth, UK, +44 1202 552588

Sixty Million Postcards

Kitsch, retro furnishings and fun, interesting takes on traditional pub grub make for a winning combination here at Sixty Million Postcards. The vegetarian ‘Shroomaloomi’ burger, made with halloumi cheese and mushrooms, is a perfect example of the creativity that suffuses every aspect of Sixty Million Postcards. The pulled pork and smoked chipotle jam burger is another particular favorite. For those seeking something a little less experimental, the excellent traditional Sunday roasts here are famous throughout Bournemouth.


Address & telephone number: Sixty Million Postcards, 19-21 Exeter Road, Bournemouth, UK, +44 1202 292697

Chicken & Blues

The words ‘chicken shop’ tend to conjure images of grubby takeaways and greasy kebab houses, but this revolutionary project is looking to shake things up. Chicken & Blues aims to turn chicken into a top-quality food experience with the winning combination of a 48-hour marinade, secret ingredient rub, and multiple-phase cooking process. Add to this tempting mix some mouth-watering homemade sauces and incredible side dishes, such as jalapeno poppers and sweet potato fries, and it’s not hard to see why Chicken & Blues was named by The Metro newspaper as one of the top five Chicken restaurant concepts in the UK.

Address & telephone number: Chicken & Blues, 563 Christchurch Rd, Boscombe, UK, +44 1202 399222