Move Over Avocado! 17 Photos That Prove Asparagus Is the Healthiest and Sexiest Food There Is

Lightly grilled asparagus | © woodleywonderworks/Flickr
Lightly grilled asparagus | © woodleywonderworks/Flickr
Photo of Andrew Webb
Food & Drink Editor10 May 2017

May in the UK is the start of the asparagus season, so make the most of those slender spears.

At this time of year, shops and farmers’ markets are full of emerald green bunches of British asparagus. Quick to cook, it makes a great starter and needs nothing more than a knob of butter and a sprinkle of sea salt. Alternatively, you can add it to salads along with broccoli for a super healthy boost. Poached eggs work particularly well with asparagus, as do boiled ones for dipping those slender shafts in. In Europe ‘forced’ or white asparagus is popular, but is treated in the same way. Also, keep an eye out for the rarer purple version which is slowly is becoming more plentiful.

Officially the sexiest vegetable

Asparagus is high in vitamin E, which helps increase blood flow to… well, you get the idea. It also contains plenty of potassium and other vitamins. But perhaps the best thing about asparagus is its suggestive shape, something you can’t say about a potato.

Where to get it

The Vale of Evesham in Worcestershire, UK is best known for growing asparagus, and they’re hosting the British Asparagus Festival, hosting various events in May all the way through to the end of June. In the USA, Michigan is asparagus country, and they’re hosting the National Asparagus Festival in late June. So now’s the time to think seasonal and shop local, and enjoy this wonderful healthy vegetable. Below are examples of how some of our favourite instagrammers put it to use in the kitchen.

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Tuesday Lunch; Fresh German Asparagus, Spargel Lunch w/ hubby. We visited Rothenburg ob der tauper where we visited in 12 years ago. On the way back to Prague, stopped at Nuremberg and bought some asparagus to take home. I fixed today's lunch w/ asparagus from Germany 🇩🇪 . アスパラガスいっぱいのランチ; 昨日、チェコは祝日だったので主人とドイツ・ローテンブルグまでドライブ。ローテンブルグは12年前にヨーロッパに二週間ほどドライブ旅行に訪れた際に最初に泊まった場所。今回は息子は日本でいませんが、12年前に宿泊したホテルのレストランで今が旬のお野菜、シュパーゲルをいただき、プラハに戻る途中で立ち寄ったニュルンベルグで新鮮なシュパーゲルを買っできたので今日もお昼はシュパーゲル😋黄色のエディブルフラワーを散りばめてスモークサーモンとオランデーズソースでいただきました♪ . . . . . . . . #pescetarian #wp_delicious_jp #w7foods #delistagrammer #lin_stagrammer #locari_kitchen #royalcopenhagen #ouchigohan #TABLESクリエイター #obed #todayslunch #lunchtime🍴 #whiteasparagus #asparagus #hollandaise #spargel #homemadespring #おうちごはん #おうちカフェ #プレッツェル #おうちランチ #海外生活 #チェコ #プラハ #クッキングラム #シュパーゲル #ホワイトアスパラガス #家庭料理

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Dreaming of these little beauties and wondering when I should make them again…I'm thinking it should be soon

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