Best Restaurants In The Baltic Triangle Area Of Liverpool, England

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9 February 2017

The restaurants around Bold Street and the Baltic Triangle are some of the trendiest and most prestigious in the city. Keen to check them out? Enjoy our guide to 10 of the best-kept culinary secrets in Liverpool.

Baltic Bakehouse Exterior | Courtesy Baltic Bakehouse

Baltic Bakehouse

Serving breakfast and lunch, Baltic Bakehouse is one of the many trendy new restaurants and cafes that have opened in the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool. Where Baltic Bakehouse differs however, is in its foundational passion for artisan and sourdough bread. This forms the basis for a breakfast and lunch menu which changes day by day. In the past, however, menu options have drifted from Flammkuchen and roast chicken and pesto sandwiches to roast squash soup. If you fancy something lighter, previous sweet treats have included lemon curd doughnuts and salted caramel chocolate tarts. Baltic Bakehouse is very popular and the premises itself is quite small, though there are a number of tables available. If you’re just passing through, they also offer an excellent takeaway service.

Courtesy Bold Street


An independent tea-shop, bar and restaurant, Leaf on Bold Street is famous throughout Liverpool for its eclectic selection of tea and the quality of its food. Leaf not only offers dozens of different types of tea, the best coffee, and a wide selection of beer, but many of the visitors will be here for one of the many community events, with knitting clubs, chess clubs, live music – and even life drawing upstairs. As a restaurant, Leaf is excellent. Not only is there a wide selection of lunches and light snacks and desserts, but you’ll find expertly prepared mains served between midday and 9pm. Dishes include crisp fried salt and pepper squid, Lebanese-style bean stew and steak ciabatta.

Courtesy Bold Street

Maggie May’s

You can’t come to Liverpool and not try the local speciality – ‘scouse’. The word itself is derived from ‘lobscouse’, a stew typically eaten in northern European ports and with probable origins in the Norwegian dish lapskause. Scouse is an international dish for an international city. This rich meat and vegetable stew is world famous and so is Maggie May’s, having been regularly lauded by TV shows, consumers, and panels for making and selling the best scouse in Liverpool. The surroundings itself are as good as the dish – friendly staff welcome you into a cosy, cafe-like interior, where a healthy mix of visitors, students, and locals converge.

Courtesy of Maggie May’s


A Lebanese restaurant with an emphasis on high-quality street food, Bakchich has been a mainstay at Bold Street for several years. Mezze – think of Lebanese tapas – dishes are their speciality, along with salads, grills and mains. These are all served in light, friendly and modern surroundings. Recent reviews have not only praised the maître d’, Abdul, but also lavish praise upon the mezze and the beautiful ‘chargrilled edge’ of the kofta, served at very reasonable prices. The decor is also worthy of note – Arabic calligraphy mixes with modern art, emphasising the influence of the old on the new.

Camp and Furnace

A hip and trendy restaurant in the hip Baltic Triangle, Camp and Furnace bills itself as ‘all the best bits from all the best festivals; indoors […] a restaurant, bar, fanpark, conference venue and cultural hangout’. A high claim indeed, but Camp and Furnace not only lives up to it with excellent reviews. It also has beautiful high ceilings. In the shell of several warehouses, this cathedral-like multi-use space means that the building is always buzzing with activity. But this does not mean that the food suffers. The weekday menu draws inspiration from the rural fare of Scandinavia and rural Europe and there is a choice between small plates – starters, in other words – or large plates, mains. Weekends, meanwhile, are devoted to what they call ‘food events’. Friday and Saturday mix dance and music, while Sunday is devoted to long, lazy meals with family and friends to recover from the night before.

The Egg

Cheap, cheerful, vegan and vegetarian student food are the order of the day in this beautiful top floor loft restaurant and cafe which is just off Bold Street. Just because it’s cheap and cheerful however, doesn’t mean this is a run-of-the-mill cafe. Instead, The Egg attracts the cream of the crop of Liverpool’s boho and artistic community. This is thanks to both its vegetarian meals and its carefree atmosphere. Bean burgers, lentils, pasta salads and plenty of hummus await if you’re looking for a main meal. For something lighter, there’s the option of fresh vegetable soup and garlic cheesy bread. If you’re searching for something sweet, go for the wide selection of home-baked cakes.

The Italian Club

Named one of the ‘Fifty Best Cheap Eats in the UK’ by The Independent, The Italian Club prides itself on simple, rustic cooking in an environment elegant in its simplicity. Inside the light and airy restaurant you’ll find a wide selection of your favourites that will match your budget and your appetite. Nibbles, antipasti, pizza and al forno dishes are all here, alongside of course, the best quality coffee. Fish however, is not served here. This might seem like a strange omission, but the reason lies in the fact that the Italian Club has its own dedicated fish restaurant available a short walk away.


With a passionate focus on Catalonian food, Lunya is not merely a restaurant but an active deli. If you’re passing through Liverpool and discover a delicious Catalonian ingredient which you can’t live without, you’re in luck. Added to this is the fact they pride themselves on fusion food. Not only can you enjoy a freshly prepared dish here, but you can also take things home to cook yourself. Lunya is one of the only Catalan restaurants in Liverpool.


Siren is a place that focuses on fresh lunches, good drinks and an ever-changing menu. It is anything but ad hoc in its professionalism. Though the venue is hip and upcoming, the owners have years of experience providing the highest quality food so you can be certain that you won’t be disappointed with their experiments. The choice is astounding and, as the specials change daily, hard to pin down. The permanent menu however, offers the standard fare of salads, burgers, sandwiches and soups in addition to breakfasts.

Unit 51

Bar, coffee shop, catering service – like many of its contemporaries in the Baltic Triangle and down Bold Street, Unit 51 is many things. This does not distract from its food. On offer are breakfasts (croissants, bacon, poached eggs), lunches (sandwiches and soups) and an evening menu of cheeses, prosciutto and nightly specials. Like Baltic Bakehouse however, Unit 51 is quite small – it has a dozen tables inside coupled with several outside – weather depending. Yet the triangle itself is quite small, which means that if one place is busy, then another is in easy walking distance.