8 Contemporary British Jewellery Designers to Watch

8 Contemporary British Jewellery Designers to Watch
Independent contemporary jewellers represent the best of British design. Passionate, free-spirited and innovative, these artisans are not afraid to ignore trends, explore new styles and create emotional, evocative pieces. Culture Trip brings you a look at eight of the best independent British contemporary jewellery designers, both new and established.
Leather and Gold Cuff by Sara Gun 

Sara Gunn

Sara’s pieces are bold, distinctive and organic. Inspired by the urban grit of London, her pieces proudly exhibit their imperfections, with organic processes such as acid etching used to create a high degree of variation between individual pieces. Her collection features both curvaceous, elegant forms, such as leather cuffs, and angular pyramidal pieces adorned with intricate etchings. Despite having contrasting shapes, each piece shares an otherworldly, alternative feeling which is the signature of this up-and-coming designer.

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A selection of pieces by Daniella Draper 

Daniella Draper

Inspired by her travels around the globe, Daniella produces pieces in sterling silver from her workshop in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Her current collection features traditionally-inspired pieces; long-loved motifs fused with a spirit of adventure. The heart is broken, the star glistening but imperfect, the angels abstract and impressionist. With pieces worn by Kate Moss, Natasha Khan and Ed Sheeran, her independent approach to design has not limited her appeal.

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A selection of pieces by Rosie Sanders – Image courtesy of Gem Alley/Martner & Mowat 

Rosie Sanders

In her most recent collection, Nautilus II, Rosie uses the ornamental language of neoclassicism. Hand-carved wooden organic curves- suggestions of the geometric and golden scroll motifs- create pieces which are assertive yet flowing, producing a contemporary range with a feminine edge. Aesthetics aside, the collection is enlivened with a philosophical depth and meaning frequently forgotten in an age of fast fashion. As Rosie explains, ‘The use of reclaimed Afromosia wood, which was cut from a 1950’s office desk due for landfill, innately reflects this idea of renewal and endurance, hence my fascination with renaissance, of rebirth through the resurrection and reworking of materials and meaning.’

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Necklace by Caroline Creba 

Caroline Creba

Raised in Warwickshire and trained at the internationally renowned School of Jewellery, Caroline Creba’s signature style has a confident simplicity. Inspired by explorations of the ancient gem routes of India, Burma and Thailand, Caroline uses uniquely cut and polished gemstones, such as amethyst, citrine, prasollite and blue topaz to produce colourful and distinctively elegant pieces. In the Nadira collection this inspiration is clear. Every piece features precious gemstones, each crafted into multidimensional shapes and placed in elegant settings. By setting contrasting gemstones against each other, the collection has a feeling of youth and playfulness, but is simultaneously timeless.

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Ammonite Drop Earrings by David Scott-Walker 

David Scott-Walker

From his workshop in Sheffield, David Scott-Walker crafts unique pieces that feature agates and jaspers. His signature style is assertive: a large stone is set in thick silver, with hallmarks. Each piece has a sense of gravitas and grandeur, while simultaneously channeling the calm and simplicity of nature.

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Calla Lily Rose Short Drops by Emma-Kate Francis 

Emma-Kate Francis

With clear influences from both the Bauhaus and Art Nouveau movements, Emma-Kate’s pieces have an organic, uncomplicated feel that can only be produced by hand. Each piece is handcrafted in her atelier in Cowbridge, Wales, but this approach has not limited the reach of her style. For example, she has collaborated with the Victoria & Albert Museum and designed a range of bridal jewellery for the highly acclaimed retail jewellers Jersey Pearl.

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Pieces by Charlotte Valkeniers 

Charlotte Valkeniers

Geometric, linear and minimalist, Charlotte’s style is an English twist on the principles of Scandinavian design. Whereas Scandinavian design champions function, Charlotte Valkeniers focuses on creating a minimal yet unique form for each piece by adding distinctive detailing to emphasise the handmade quality. Consider her current collection, entitled ‘Old Glory’: smooth, curved forms run alongside angular geometric shapes, merging masculine shapes with feminine details and resulting in a collection suitable for both men and women. Charlotte’s jewellery has been featured in Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Purple, amongst others.

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Pieces by Phoebe Coleman 

Phoebe Coleman

Phoebe Coleman’s pieces are recognisable by her distinctive and personal style, which features delicate detailing, gold motifs and symbolic charms adorned with precious stones, including Akoya pearls, sapphires, rubies and diamonds. Inspired by her studies in Fine Art, each piece is a timeless masterpiece in miniature, with flawless attention to detail. Worn by Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora, Natalie Dormer, Maisie Williams, Nicole Scherzinger, Ella Eyre and many more famous names, Phoebe is a designer to watch in 2015.

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