5 Brilliantly Zen Work Spaces for Students in Manchester

Working remotely | © Bench Accounting / Stocksnap
Working remotely | © Bench Accounting / Stocksnap
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27 March 2017

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful place to study or you’re a freelancer who prefers to work in an environment with other like-minded people, Manchester has several quiet spaces for you to take your laptop and notebooks. We’ve pulled together a list of the best cafes, libraries and co-working spaces that have a welcoming attitude towards mobile workers.


If you’re the type that always feels unsure how many coffees you need to order when you’ve set up base in a café for the day, Ziferblat is the perfect solution. The idea of paying for your time rather than for what you consume works well if you’re planning on eating breakfast and continuously sipping hot drinks throughout the day, although at 8p a minute you’ll need to keep track of your time. The décor is a little chintzy but still cosy and comfortable, with plenty of options for sitting at a table or slouching on one of their many sofas with a plate of biscuits.

Ziferblat, 23 Edge St, Manchester


Coworking | © Unsplash / Pixabay

Central Library

Building, Library
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Central Library
Central Library | © Michael D Beckwith / Flickr
For those who require absolute silence in order to get their work done, Central Library offers the perfect environment. Set your laptop up for the day in the circular reading room and enjoy the grand surroundings and peaceful ambience. If you’re studying, this is the ideal place to be as you’re surrounded by a diverse collection of books and archives for research purposes. Just make sure that you respect those around you and try to tap as quietly as possible on your keyboard.


If you prefer a more traditional coffee shop setting to get your work done, Takk on Tariff Street seems to have been set up with freelancers specifically in mind. The individual wooden tables are the perfect size for your laptop, a notebook and steadily revolving cups of coffee, allowing you to get on with your work without having to worry about taking up space. During the week, Takk pretty much turns into a co-working space with more people walking through the door with their laptops than without.

Takk, 6 Tariff St, Manchester


Desk | © Unsplash / Pixabay


If you’re looking for a lively and stimulating environment to work in, head to Home to set up your laptop in their ground-floor café bar. The large windows and clean structured interior provide ideal conditions for working, while a near constant stream of people through the doors are sure to inspire you. Take a break from your work or studies for a delicious lunch or to catch a film in the cinema if you’re in need of a little cultural inspiration.

Home, 2, Tony Wilson Place, First St, Manchester

Coffee and Laptop

Coffee and Laptop | © Kaboompics

Chapter One

Perfect for writers, Chapter One even has its own typewriter booths to help peel you away from your laptop and spark a little creativity. There’s plenty of options for seating, whether you prefer to sit up to a table and order a coffee and cake to give a sugar boost to your productivity, or if lounging on a sofa scribbling into a notebook is more your vibe. Their large collection of books includes a variety of reading copies that you can borrow for a few hours if you’re lacking in inspiration.

Chapter One, Chatsworth House, Lever St, Manchester