17 Words and Phrases That Only Make Sense to Bristolians

Bristol Harbourside| © Harshil Shah | Flickr
Bristol Harbourside| © Harshil Shah | Flickr
Photo of Colette Earley
2 May 2017

Ever been to Bristol and picked up that the locals pretty much have their own language? When people try to impersonate a Bristolian, they usually adopt a farmer-style twang, which is pretty much how the accent sounds! Just keep that in mind while you read through our guide to the handy Brizzle slang you need to know to get by.

Me lover

Meaning: My darling, my dear, mate. This is a term of endearment and can be used for your family member, friends, acquaintances, random strangers.

How to use: “Alright me lover?”

Vicky Pollard from Little Britain, a Brizzle native | © Paul Townsend| Flickr


Meaning: A way of putting emphasis on something; used in the same way as ‘really’ or ‘very’.

How to use: “Gert lush!”


Meaning: Very, very nice. Something that is pleasing to one’s eye.

How to use: See above. (Double points for using both.)


Meaning: Another term of endearment meaning baby, babe, love. You get the picture.

How to use: “Alright me babber?”


Meaning: Isn’t it just. Used a lot at the end of sentences or in response to something.

How to use: “How cool is that combine ‘arvester? Innit?”


Meaning: Bristol.

How to use: “Brizzle born an’ proud, me babber.” See what we’re doing here?


Meaning: No, this isn’t referring to something you do with a car. Or the award-winning Ryan Gosling film. This is actually what the locals in Bristol use when they’re thanking bus drivers and taxi drivers.

How to use: “Cheers, drive!”

Bristol Bus | © Nick Rice| Flickr


Meaning: A word that means really, really great.

How to use: “That’s mint, that is.”


Meaning: Again, this is used to describe something that’s really good and pleasing to the local Bristolian.

How to use: “‘Ere mate, that’s proper.”

Where’s it to?

Meaning: Where is it?

How to use: Can also be used to locate a person: “Where’s ‘e to?”


Meaning: To put emphasis on something you’ve said.

How to use: “Asda closes in an hour, mind!”


Meaning: Bedminster, an area south of the river in Bristol.

How to use: “Fancy a few pints down Bemmie la’er, me lover?”

Bedminster | © Matt Burns| Flickr

The Triangle

Meaning: No, this isn’t referring to the three-sided shape. This is actually another area in Bristol, at the very top of Park St.

How to use: “I saw him out on the Triangle last night, mind!”


Meaning: No, not the classic MTV TV show where celebs show you around their houses, this is in fact talking about Cribbs Causeway, a big shopping mall in Bristol.

How to use: “Fancy some shopping at Cribbs later?”


Meaning: Someone who supports Bristol Rovers football team.

How to use: “Alright, Gashead?”

Jason Donervan

Meaning: Only the very best chip van in the whole of Bristol. Where you go after a night on the Triangle (see three points above).

How to use: “‘Ere mate, I fancy some cheesy chips.”; “Let’s go to Jason Donervan then, innit!”

Jason Donervan | © Thomas Guest| Flickr


Meaning: Someone who is very studious and eager to please. Used a lot through your school years.

How to use: “I’ve done all of my reading for this week already.”; “Whoa, kenner!”

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